Sunday, September 19

Montemar’s “Armada” continues to rise

In the ITF Junior World Circuit, the same official entity that organizes the Grand Slam and the Davis Cup, highlights Daniel Mérida. He has been in Alicante since he was 10 years old and with only 16 years old he has achieved his goal to qualify for the U18 Junior Grand Slam (Roland Garros, Wimbledon and Us Open), reaching his best world ranking of 65 so far after winning at the Rafa Nadal Academy his training partner, Lithuanian Vilius Gaubas in ITF junior. A week later he reached the semifinals in grade 2 in Valencia. Dani is the best national player of his generation, proclaiming himself champion of Spain on numerous occasions, highlighting the Spanish under-14 and under-16 championships last year at the Juan Carlos Ferrero academy in Villena, as well as the gold medal he won last year at the Olympic Games of the Youth. In the Spanish youth circuit, the results obtained by the students of the competition school in the Mutua Madrid Open sub-16 stand out, where Montemar has managed to classify three players for the master’s degree that will be held in May at the Caja Mágica in Madrid, coinciding on the same dates where the ATP / WTA Master Series will be held. In this circuit, Iker Sevilla, from Alicante, stands out in the first place, who won the Madrid phase at the Club de Campo de Madrid two weeks ago. After losing twice at the gates of the final (Zaragoza and Madrid) he was finally able to endorse himself with this title that classified him directly to the master’s degree.

One week before Daniela Lozano, also from Alicante, managed to qualify after reaching the final at the Caja Mágica from Madrid. Both Iker and Daniela are two clear examples of the Montemarina quarry, where they began to play when they were just 4 years old, going through all the sections of the club until today. Fruitful work done. Amelie Rosadoro achieved the Mutua in Barcelona using herself thoroughly.

Iván Navarro directs the Montemar school.

“We only care about the improvement of the player”

Israel Sevilla and Iván Navarro are the directors of the Montemar competition school together with Manolo Sandoval. They were recently awarded at the gala by the Professional Tennis Registry as the best professionals in Spain 2020. Israel is clear that “what makes us truly proud is that our school has the proven experience of leading the professional careers of young talents, as well as that of the two best players from Alicante in history such as Iván Navarro or Rubén Ramírez, where they worked with them from the age of 8 until their professional goal of reach the top 100 ATP». “Few academies or schools can boast of such an achievement, and we have the knowledge, staff, facilities and support of the club, essential concepts to only focus on improving the player,” he says. Iván Navarro, number 67 ATP, knows the way forward to achieve the dreams of these players «This year the school set the goal of making several changes in the school, we renewed and improved the technical staff with the incorporation of Albert Alcaraz and the coach physicist Julián González, who joined coach José Gimeno ». “The players only have to think about training and giving their best, we have a first-rate technical staff, we form a great team together with our partner Manolo Sandoval, who gives us his experience for so many years.”

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