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Montero accuses the PP of obstructing the renewal of the CGPJ

María Jesús Montero, in a file image.

María Jesús Montero, in a file image.

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has accused the Popular Party of do not promote the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) because, in his opinion, “the majorities that are in force interest him more than a future renewal “.

Montero has assured that the attitude of the popular “is not acceptable” and has demanded that they comply with the Constitution.

Speaking to journalists after an act in the Logistics Area of ​​the Bay of Algeciras (Cádiz), the Minister of Finance reiterated the demand that the PP proceed to renew the CGPJ, the Court of Accounts, the Ombudsman and of all the organs that have not been renewed for more than two years and that “have already expired”, he pointed out.

“The PP does not promote its renewal in a kind of constitutional conscientious objection because they believe that the majorities that are in force now interest them more than a future renewal, “he warned.

That is why he has demanded that Pablo Casado’s party “instead of wrapping itself around the flag or the Constitution, comply with this Constitution from A to Z”.

The minister has defended the actions of the Government in relation to Catalonia and has assured that pardons have been executed in accordance with current legislation and “it is contributing to dialogue, to meeting and to re-establishing emotional ties with Catalonia”.

“Spain is built with understanding and not with the confrontation that some parties try to install from the moment they Autonomous Communities use to confront the Government“, he has argued, to recall that the dialogue has been” the vault stone “on which the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has launched all the initiatives.

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“Let the court be the one to pronounce and encourage, invite and demand that the PP proceed with its renewal,” he added.

The price of light

Asked about the light price, the Minister of Finance has shown her surprise that it is the popular people who request urgent appearances when, she has assured, the passage of Rajoy and Aznar through Moncloa “it was disastrous for energy policy”.

He has argued that this was one of the most important problems encountered by the current socialist government, which discovered that the necessary tasks had not been done to have the viability and sustainability of the electrical system in the future, “rather steps had been taken in the opposite direction, “he lamented.

“If what was done by the Zapatero government had continued, today we would not have these exorbitant energy prices, because we would have the capacity to generate renewable energy, store it and distribute it as we do now,” he argued.

“At the forefront against climate change”

Montero has also defended that Spain is “at the forefront” in the fight against climate change by promoting measures that are being recognized internationally by the European Union (EU).

The minister insisted that the Executive’s commitment to climate change is “real” and is receiving recognition from organizations such as the EU, by launching “authentic roadmaps” that are international benchmarks and that they will be able to “do compatible with economic growth, job creation and preservation of the environment “.

“Spain is at the forefront in the fight against climate change,” insisted Montero, who warned of the need to make renewable energies the energy source that allows to contribute “an added value to the business sector”.

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The minister has pointed to the implementation of projects, included within the Recovery Plan, aimed at preserving the environment and producing policies “from those environmental perspectives” to counteract the consequences on the behavior of the planet in the next decade, known through a UN report.

In this sense, he has ensured that the expansions at the El Prat or Barajas airports have to be “absolutely compatible” with environmental preservation and with the impact that these infrastructures may have on the whole of that environment, as is being done. with the environmental study of the Algeciras railway corridor.

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