Saturday, November 27

Montero achieves the transfer of the headquarters of the Women’s Institute

Irene Montero and Antonia Morillas.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has achieved one of her purposes when it comes to strengthening the institution that defends the equality between men and women since the Transition: the historic Institute for Women, which was founded in 1983. At first it managed to change the Name of the organism, which for almost a year has been called Institute of the Women, with the aim of reflecting that it defends the diversity of existing women. Then he entrusted his new director, Antonia Morillas, to lead the groundwork to reform the abortion law. And now he has managed to transfer his site to a more central place in Madrid, one of the historical demands of the workers of the center and feminist associations, who have repeatedly asked that the body be in a place more accessible.

The Institute of Women had its original headquarters in Almagro street, in the center of Madrid. Although, at the time of the first government of Jose Maria Aznar, in 1997, he was transferred to the street Countess of Venadito, in the Concepción neighborhood, off the M-30 and in an area with no nearby metro stops. Although, predictably in the first quarter of 2022, the organization will move to the Cruz del Rayo metro area, in the neighborhood of Prosperity. In a building until now occupied by the General Directorate of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Antonia Morillas has sent this Friday a paper to the staff, to which EL PERIÓDICO, a newspaper belonging to the same communication group as this medium, has had access, in which it communicates this change. “The Women’s Institute is going to have a new location that is more accessible, better communicated and with more optimal conditions for the performance of its functions. A new building that will allow, in addition to unifying all the workers, to put in value the work they do and which has not always been sufficiently recognized. This has been a historical demand of the workers of the Institute that, finally, we will be able to attend. A new headquarters that will allow expand activity of the Institute with the feminist movement and civil society, increasing its incidence and impact, “says the director in her communication.

Documentation Center

Morels refers to the unification which part of the staff works on Calle Alcalá, where the headquarters of the Ministry of Equality is located, and the other part on Calle Condesa de Venedito. Before moving to the new headquarters, they will all be reunited in this last location and from there, in the first quarter of 2022, they will be transferred to the Cruz del Rayo headquarters.

“The strengthening of equality policies also involves improving the conditions of the workers who design and execute them. With that purpose we are working: that the Institute of Women and its workers have a location at the height of equality policies that this country requires “, argues Morillas in his letter.

The new headquarters consists of several floors, with spaces that will allow activities open to the public and locate the Documentation Center of the Institute itself, which has one of the most extensive catalogs of publications on equality policies.

The political commission

Upon arriving at the ministry, in his first appearance in the Equality Commission of Congress, Montero already advanced his intention to “reinforce” the then-called Institute for Women “in order to modernize the structure and amplify its impact“. To do this, in the budgets for 2022 The organization will have a starting price of 23.6 million euros, 16% more than in 2021, which according to Montero will allow “to reverse the cuts that this historic institution has suffered so much for all women in Spain.”

In addition to the budget increase, the change of headquarters and name, it is the first time in history that a Minister of Equality has asked a director of the organization to pilot a legislative reform with political substance. Following this commission, Morillas has been meeting since the summer with experts, associations and administrations with the aim that the Ministry present a preliminary draft of the reform of the abortion law to remove obstacles to this right and recognize others related to sexual and reproductive health, such as preventing obstetric violence or hindering surrogacy.

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