Tuesday, August 3

Montero assures that Spain is having reciprocity with other countries in the control of travelers

Travelers at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Travelers at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.

The Minister of Finance and Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, has assured that Spain is having reciprocity with other countries regarding passenger movements in their territory and he added that the restriction of mobility has been the best “therapeutic weapon” until the appearance of the vaccine.

The European Commission asked Spain on Monday “consistency” in travel restrictions that applies within the national territory and with respect to travel to and from other countries of the European Union. What’s more, He pointed out the risks linked to the coronavirus are similar, “whether internal or cross-border travel”.

At a press conference this Tuesday after the Council of Ministers, Montero pointed out that the Executive is doing “in reciprocity” what is being proposed in other countries: that people who come have a recent PCR and also that when they arrive in the destination countries they respect “exactly” the same limitations as the people who live in them.

“These are the conditions and the rules of the game that we have endowed ourselves with and that we are trying to apply without there being any type of failure in all the countries,” the minister explained, recalling that tomorrow there will be a new meeting of the Interterritorial Council where the current situation of the pandemic in Spain will be reviewed.

The minister assured that all citizens are aware that this pandemic does not understand borders. “The decrease in mobility has been, today, the therapeutic weapon, until the appearance of the vaccine, which we have had to stop infections and protect the most vulnerable people,” he said.

The head of the Executive recalled that the European Union is trying to promote and develop a vaccination certificate that allows people who travel to do so under “criteria and conditions that have been agreed unanimously or by consensus with all member states.”

The restriction of flights with Brazil and South Africa remains in force

At this point, the minister recalled that the restriction of flights with Brazil and South Africa is still in force and warned that “special precaution” will be necessary with the variants and mutations of the virus that have appeared in these areas and in the whole of the European Union.

At a time when the numbers of infections continue to grow throughout Europe, Spain is preparing to face Holy Week with mobility restrictions between the different autonomous communities, but tourist arrivals will be allowed from the rest of the EU countries, which sometimes have a worse epidemiological situation than the Spanish one.

The Government insists on the difficulty of closing borders and is based on the low risk due to the low number of tourists that arrive. In addition, travelers arriving by plane or boat will have to present a negative PCR test to enter the country.

The European Commission defends adapting the measures to the epidemiological situation by regions, which can include spaces from several territories, instead of following a pattern by member states, while maintaining that the closure of borders is not an effective solution for the control of the pandemic.

Recently, the Community Executive has warned several countries, including Germany and Belgium, for prohibiting non-essential movements outside their territories, considering it disproportionate and has called on them to opt for tighter measures.


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