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Montero, at the disposal of the PSOE to lead it in Andalusia

Maria Jesus Montero.

Maria Jesus Montero.

The Government Spokesperson, Maria Jesus Montero, has said that, “as always”, is “at the disposal” of his party to lead the PSOE In Andalucia, and added that it is a matter to be decided by the militants and that now “it is not appropriate” to “not distract in something other than the problems of the citizens.”

In statements to journalists before the presentation of a book, Montero has affirmed that he has no information on whether the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, who is the main bet of sanchismo to replace Susana Díaz in the leadership of Andalusian socialism, has scheduled to announce his candidacy after Easter.

Has reiterated that both she and Espadas are “focused” on solving citizens’ problems, each one in their field, and has pointed out that “what has to happen” within the PSOE will be decided “in the times” that are marked in the congress of political formation, which plans to hold its 40th federal conclave in the second half of October.

“When the congress moment arrives, it will be time for each militant, each person to consider whether they want to take a step forward. Because, ultimately, it will be the militants who choose who will lead the Andalusian PSOE in the coming years“, has settled the minister.


On the other hand, Montero has ensured that PP “the duster is visible” and does not maintain a “determined fight” for feminism to win the support of Vox and “stay in power”.

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Before the presentation in Seville of the book ‘Al amparo del feminismo’, by Amparo Rubiales and Octavio Salazar, Montero told journalists that “today we come to vindicate feminism” and underline that “no type of setback can occur” in this matter.

“It is evident that the arrival of Vox in the support to the autonomous governments and also in his habitual speech is making the PP not have, of course, a determined fight in this matter. On the contrary, you can see the duster”, Montero has stated.

He has given as an example of this attitude the parental pin or the fact of “weakening” the places where victims of violence, issues “that are easily delivered just to stay in power”, and he has argued that in Andalusia, where PP and Cs govern with the support of Vox, “without a doubt” there has been a setback in feminism.

Therefore, he has said that “You have to be very alert in places like Andalusia” and in other areas where the right governs because “we cannot allow ourselves to take a step back and not advance. If we do not advance, of course, we retreat,” he pointed out.

In addition, the minister has praised Rubiales as a “reference” of all women “on the left and feminism”, and recalled that she was the first councilor of the Junta de Andalucía and a pioneer in demanding equal quotas to give visibility to women, to get out of the “niche of darkness” in which they were “so long.”


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