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Montero, on the tax system: “Catalonia or Madrid are not more supportive than Extremadura”

The Minister of Finance and Public Administration, María Jesús Montero. / / EP

The Minister of Finance rules out publishing fiscal balances as it is an instrument that favors “reproaches” between the communities


The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has ruled out this Tuesday publishing fiscal balances, an economic information instrument that territorially allocates the income and expenses of the public sector in a certain period of time and calculates the resulting fiscal balance in each territory, for being a tool that favors “reproaches” between the autonomous communities.

Junts Per Catalunya senator María Teresa Rivero has asked the Executive to publish fiscal balances for the sake of “transparency”, “visibility” and “commitment”. In an interpellation to Montero during the plenary session of the Senate, Rivero -of the Nationalist Parliamentary Group- has disfigured the representative of the Government who “published once” a fiscal balance “and no more”, for which “they did not like the result anyway ».

“Numbers that do not support some interested stories that are not based on transparency regarding the distribution of effort to provide solutions to people,” indicated the senator, who nevertheless stressed that the publication of these instruments would favor “all citizens» of Spain and not just the Catalans.

However, the senator has emphasized that “the accounts do not go out” in Catalonia and “they understand” that they “should not go out” to other territories either. For this reason, she has asked the Executive to publish these fiscal balances “as an element of territorial information” and has accused him of practicing “recentralizing policies more typical of a Jacobin State than of a State presided over by a democratic and progressive government.”

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Montero, for his part, has defended the justice of the tax system, which treats all citizens “equally” and has attacked Rivero for speaking of “a supposed comparative grievance of Catalonia.” In this sense, he has maintained that, since Pedro Sánchez has been president, he has given “more than enough evidence” of his commitment to financing the communities, increasing it “every time it has been possible.”

Thus, he has emphasized that each citizen “has the right to have quality public services”, regardless of whether he was born in one Autonomous Community or another. For this reason, it has refused to “promote an instrument” that favors “reproaches” between the territories that make up the Spanish territory.

Along these lines, he stressed that there are no “subsidized” communities and recalled that they receive per capita financing for the taxes that are paid based on income level. “It is not territories that pay taxes, it is the citizens,” he said, before highlighting that the Spanish tax system is “progressive” and that Catalonia or the Community of Madrid “are not more supportive” than Andalusia or Extremadura.

“When they talk about fiscal balances and that they contribute more, it is because it is the citizens who have more resources and, therefore, their contribution to the common stock within a fair tax system must necessarily be higher,” he explained.

In the opinion of the head of the Treasury, the fiscal balances “are publications that do not reflect anything other than the obviousness of relative wealth balances in each of the Autonomous Communities” and has highlighted that “it is evident that the richest have a negative balance ». “That is not for any reason that is attributable to personal effort, it is because there is a greater concentration of high-income citizens, who, according to the tax system, pay more taxes,” she remarked.

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For this reason, he believes that “for a long time” the arguments defending fiscal balances have been put forward “to talk about the limit to solidarity or to simply say that unfair treatment was being given” and he has alluded directly to Catalonia. “Nothing is further from reality, because the citizens of Catalonia are not more supportive than the citizens of Andalusia or Extremadura”, she has riveted.


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