Tuesday, November 30

Montero: «The Budget project is much more than territorialized investment»

The Minister of Finance and Public Function, the person in charge of balancing the General State Budget project for 2022, María Jesús Montero, is completely oblivious to a completely bleeding reality for the province. The public accounts for next year reflect that the Alicante territory is the worst off the whole country in the distribution of investments, with only 97.7 euros per inhabitant, which is 177 less than the national average, which stands at 274.7 euros. The figures are what they are and the grievance is irrefutable, unquestionable, but the minister played down this fact on Friday and, in statements to INFORMATION, defended that: “The budget project is much more than territorial investment”.

The 183.5 million euros for infrastructures and endowments that the central government has reserved for the province represent a cut of 38% on the 298 million planned for this year, but the person in charge of designing the economic roadmap for next year avoided offering concrete explanations for this new budgetary setback. Simply because, according to herself, she ignores the numbers assembled by her own department. Or so he said. After being asked by this newspaper, Montero stated that “he does not know the specific details of each of the provinces” and, therefore, seems not to be aware, or at least refuses to admit, that Alicante has been relegated to the caboose in investments. However, he wanted to send a message of hope. Only in this way can it be understood that it manifests its conviction that, “if it is not now, later the infrastructures that allow the territory to unite” will be built. That was what he declared from Valencia, the city where he went to participate in the 40th congress of the PSOE, which brings together the party’s staff in the capital of Túria until Sunday for the reelection of Pedro Sánchez as Secretary General through an organic peace summit, without rivals or ballot boxes.

“I would say that the budget project is much more than the territorial investment that can appear in the tables. Things as important as the boost to the Minimum Vital Income, the increase in scholarships, the Education or Dependency items, which affects all citizens equally, that is the main thing, It is the important thing, it is what we have to try together, make a reality so that people’s lives improve, “argued the head of the Treasury.

The budgetary items reserved by the Coalition Executive of the PSOE and United We Can show that the province is the worst treated in the entire national territory. It goes from being the sixth with the least euros per inhabitant in last year’s accounts, with 160 euros per inhabitant, to the last, without even reaching 98 euros, a reality that has enervated the economic sectors and, also, to formations to the right and left of the political board. If the focus is placed on the Community, the province also comes out badly in the comparison with the rest of the autonomy demarcations, since it will only receive 15.2% of the investments that these accounts contemplate for the Valencian group, when it represents 37.5% of the population.

The PSPV presses to impose the criteria of the owner of the Treasury portfolio in financing

Regional financing and the abolition of prostitution are two of the main axes of the political debate in the federal congress of the PSOE, which began yesterday at the Feria València facilities and marked by the message of unity and the festive atmosphere that power and cohesion internal tend to favor. Both issues, financing and prohibition of the use of the woman’s body as merchandise, are among the main concerns with which the Valencian federation has reached the conclave.

The direction of Puig tries that the final resolution does not go back in commitments to the exposed by the Andalusian


Ferraz does not want any image of disagreement. Its objective is that there are transactional texts where there are amendments to the framework presentation of the opposite sense. It happens with regional financing, where it has been seen in the last weeks that the criterion of the Community and Andalusia is not that of Asturias, Galicia, Cantabria or the Castiles. The Valencian delegation was yesterday at the expense of a final document of the federal leadership of the PSOE assumable by the different sensitivities. The position that the Valencian socialists try to assert is that the party’s position cannot be a step backwards from that expressed by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, in her recent speech in Congress. The former Andalusian councilor said there that the difference in funding (more than 800 euros per capita) between the best and worst funded autonomy (Cantabria and the Valencian Community) is unjustifiable, “There is no variable to explain it” and, therefore, “it must be corrected.” It even assumed (for the first time) that the accumulated debt due to under-financing must be addressed. These would be the minimum principles for the direction of Ximo Puig. It is up in the air if the PSOE accepts a reference to the “adjusted population” as the factor to calculate the resources of each territory. After what I heard in corridors yesterday, it does not seem easy. It would be a gesture towards depopulated Spain.


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