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Monterrey – America: Aguirre takes away Solari’s place in the Club World Cup

Santiago Solari, during the final between Monterrey and America, this Thursday.
Santiago Solari, during the final between Monterrey and America, this Thursday.Fernando Llano (AP)

Santiago Solari has run out of Club World Cup. The Argentine strategist has lost the opportunity to show himself to the world again. His team, America, fell in front of a fanged coach such as Javier Aguirre with a very close score of 1-0. The also former Real Madrid coach has suffered his second blow in Mexico.



Andrada, Héctor Moreno, César Montes, Stefan Medina, Sebastián Vegas, Celso Ortiz (Kranevitter, min. 70), Carlos Rodríguez, Alfonso González (Erick Aguirre, min. 88), Jesús Gallardo, Rogelio Funes Mori (Vincent Janssen, min. 74) and Maximiliano Meza



Ochoa, Sebastián Cáceres, Jorge Sánchez, Bruno Valdez, Luis Fuentes (Francisco Córdova, min. 54), Mario Osuna (Nicolas Benedetti, min. 66), Álvaro Fidalgo Fernández, Richard Sánchez (Antonio López, min. 66), Roger Martínez (Federico Viñas, min. 81), Henry Martin and Salvador Reyes

Goals 1-0 min. 8: Rogelio Funes Mori.

Yellow cards Sebastián Cáceres (min. 21), Celso Ortiz (min. 38), Salvador Reyes (min. 58), Roger Martínez (min. 67), Stefan Medina (min. 99) and Jorge Sánchez (min. 99)

Solari rediscovered the benches in 2021. The Argentine was hired by Club América, Mexico’s biggest winner, at the end of 2020. In his first six months in Mexican soccer, Solari paid the first-time fee. His club was second in the regular tournament, he looked like one of the candidates to stay with the League. In the league, however, Pachuca threw him, classified as eighth place. “Success is a search, a journey,” he just said.

Six months later, Solari’s eagles look unstoppable in the Mexican tournament with 10 wins, four draws and just one loss, a record that keeps them in the lead. The goal will be to pass the obstacle of the final phase of the Mexican championship to specify the good performance of its players. In the final against Monterrey his team lost its spark. A goal before the first 10 minutes embittered the approach of the Argentine team. Nothing could go well when one of his defenders, Sebastián Cáceres, made the serious mistake of kicking into the void and not the ball in the play of the goal by Rogelio Funes Mori. The rest of the game, America sailed on its own laments and mistakes. At the end of the match, the team fired up. A crashed ball on the crossbar and then a play in which the Americanists called for a hand were the highlight.

Solari, who preferred to read Borges as a player, took the note. In times when the second place, the loser, prefers to go to the locker room without congratulating the rival, the coach forged in Real Madrid asked all his players to come out of the locker room to applaud the triumph of Aguirre’s pupils.

The Concacaf Champions League tournament was seen by América as the opportunity to return to internationalization. The last time the club embarked on a Club World Cup was in 2016. In that year, the Mexican team lost in the semifinals to Real Madrid. The only title that Santiago Solari has in coach mode is a Club World Cup. In 2018, Madrid won the tournament by a landslide against Al-Ain (4-1). In March 2019 he was fired from the club.

Javier Aguirre returned to Mexican soccer in 2020 after 20 years of bustle through Europe, Africa and Asia. His experience with the Rayados de Monterrey has not been pleasant when he fell, like América de Solari, in the preamble of playing a final. Despite having one of the most expensive squads in Mexico, Vasco Aguirre’s team has suffered to reach, for now, seventh position in the League.

Monterrey already knows what it is to play a World Cup. He has already played four times. His best performances have been in 2012 and 2019 when he took third place. Two years ago, the Rayados drove Al-Sadd, Xaxi’s team, out of the way and in the semifinals they made it difficult for Liverpool.

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