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Montserrat Angulo Perea: “35% of ICUs are occupied by covid, that had not happened until now”

Montserrat Angulo, too nurse on the front lines of battle during pandemic, affirms that we are having almost the same data as in April, but that the saturation in the ICU of covid patients is more serious in this third wave.

How is the health situation currently in the province?

Hospitals are at the top, to the point of enabling areas such as the gym to serve more coronavirus patients. The situation is worrying considering that 35% of the beds in the Intensive Care Unit in the Valencian Community are occupied, something that had not happened in the entire pandemic, with 381 covid patients. In the houses there are also many people confined and this means that the Valencian Community is currently a leader in infections by covid. We are having almost the same data as in the month of April.

With all this health context, could we say that we are in the third wave?

Yes, with these numbers, everything indicates that we are witnessing a third wave of covid that has nothing to do with the above. In the Valencian Community, the second wave took place in the form of a flattening of the contagion curve, having a small peak of positives that did not go further. Now is when we are seeing a great rebound in infections in a crazy way.

This week the perimeter closure of Alcoy, Polop and Castalla has been ordered, but looking at the data, which municipality is the most affected in the province?

Without a doubt, large cities such as Elche or Alicante are having worrying data, something that has to do with the number of towns with which they share a hospital.

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All health personnel should be vaccinated on January 20, do you think the goal will be reached taking into account the slowness of vaccinations?

Vaccination has a very complex process, freezing and thawing of the number of doses that must be distributed and administered. To all this is added that the vaccination plan began on December 27, coinciding with the Christmas break for the holidays. On Friday the vaccination began in the hospitals of the province, it should also be noted that each department manages the number of vaccines and the staff that has its vaccination plan. This makes each one take his own rhythm.

A job bank for unemployed nurses to administer vaccines has been opened. Has the workload been reduced?

As nurses, we are in charge of administering the vaccine, in addition to carrying out our usual work. Fortunately, the bag of nurses is empty because they are all working to reinforce the deficit of professionals that we dragged. Not only are they taking care of administering vaccines, but other plants that need nurses are also being reinforced.

10,000 doses are distributed weekly in the community and only 30% have been administered. 2,444 daily vaccinations are needed to reach the target of 70% of the population vaccinated in May, how are they going to be organized?

I think that the objective of having 70% of the Spanish population vaccinated by the middle of the year will be reached. Although, it is true that at first the strategy of the Ministry of Health consisted of saving a number of vaccines to ensure a second dose in case more did not arrive. But we are seeing that we can guarantee a vaccination of the population with the arrival of new vaccines, such as Moderna, something that will make it take a cruise speed with more health personnel on board.

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On January 11, the vaccination of Primary Care health workers will begin. How will it be carried out?

Vaccination of health center personnel is relatively easier, we assume that they are smaller centers and with a smaller group of workers, so I believe that in one day, two at most, all the personnel of the same center can be immunized.

Where do you think there will be a greater difficulty in administering vaccines?

Without a doubt, the most serious problem is in the residences and centers for the elderly, since if there is a positive one, no one can be vaccinated. In the province there is a large volume of private and geriatric residences, so we are facing a vaccination process that will be the most difficult and slow. That is why residences with positive covid will be the last to be vaccinated.

The role of nurses in the vaccination plan is almost a protagonist, do you feel that they have taken you into account?

Nurses are a fundamental pillar in the vaccination process, but we also continue to do our work. We are working with more pressure and more volume and many are emotionally overwhelmed, but we continue to do everything we can, and even a little more. Many times the behavior of citizens does not help you feel better, but we are aware that there are more responsible than irresponsible.

Bars closed at five, saturated hospitals and every weekend parties dissolve in houses. What message would you send to the population?

We must appeal to individual responsibility, bearing in mind that we live in society. If I respect security measures and restrictions, I am helping a person who needs specialized medical attention to have it. We have repeated it a lot, but it is the only thing in our hands: mask in closed places, safety distance, hygiene and avoid crowds. Complying with this, everything changes.

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