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More difficult to guess the famous who sings behind the mask

With the challenge of making it more difficult to guess the famous person who sings under the mask, the second edition of ‘Mask Singer: guess who sings’ starts tonight on Antena 3 (10:45 p.m.), which repeats with Arturo Valls as master of ceremonies . The program returns with new masks and novelties in the mechanics, in addition to incorporating the actress Paz Vega as a researcher to try to elicit, together with José Mota, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, the clues that discover the character of the performance.

The format, produced by Fremantle, became the great revolution of last television season, with an average screen share of 23.6% and almost three million viewers. Under the characterization that hid the faces of famous people, such disparate characters appeared as the former Minister of Culture Màxim Huerta, the model Georgina Rodríguez, the ex-motorcycling pilot Jorge Lorenzo, the television collaborator Terelu Campos or the singer Al Bano. For the next installments, they promise new profiles that will surprise the audience. “I think we have one of the best castings that have been made on television in Spain and at the end of the season the viewer will know why we say this,” promises the director of Entertainment at Atresmedia, Carmen Ferreiro.

On this occasion, the program has tried to keep the tracks as much as possible so that the name of the contestant is not revealed. Last edition, social networks and the curiosity of the most intrepid users managed to guess some of the profiles that were hiding behind the mask. “The tracks have matured and secrecy has been reinforced, so that the spectator can play in the most natural way possible without anyone gutting their game,” explains the entertainment director of Fremantle Spain, Mario Briongos, who says that the famous They go to the program “more motivated” and playing “clueless”. “We have seen super hot and funny profiles,” he reveals.

«That that the second parts were never good … in this case they are better. It is all more spectacular “, says Valls

In this line, one of the researchers, Javier Ambrossi, who repeats for the second consecutive year in the program, spoke. “People at home are going to enjoy it more because if you go to Google, look at the track and you have it, the game is over for everyone, which is what we learned last season. This year the clues are more intuitively oriented, that you know the character or you don’t know him; to the voice, to the height », says the interpreter. They do anticipate that, among the participants, there will be “international figures”. «I had to refresh my English», jokes Arturo Valls.

“Piques” among researchers

The presenter confesses that he believed that Paz Vega was going to put “peace” on the program. “But not. Spike has also increased among researchers. It’s real “, highlights the Valencian, who celebrates that the format is” even more alive and exciting “than in its first edition. «That that the second parts were never good … in this case they are better. It’s all more spectacular ”, says Valls, who adds that“ celebrities have created characters that they have fallen in love with ”.

The Sevillian actress was the winner of the first season after being unmasked as Catrina and, now, she will use her intuition to guess who is hiding behind the contestant’s costume. «I really enjoyed being Catrina and I thought how could they not guess me. Now that I have put myself on the other side, I have seen that it is very difficult, there are many elements. In the end, guessing the person behind the mask is impossible, “he says. For the comedian José Mota, the format “has been given a twist to make it even more difficult.” “It has been more complicated, but also more fun,” says the person in charge of captaining the New Year’s Eve specials on TVE.

The main novelty of the second season of ‘Mask Singer: guess who sings’ is in the mechanics, since the number of masks has been increased to 15 compared to the previous year. Now there will be three groups that will duel separately in the first galas of the edition. In addition, the program will also feature new guest researchers and other celebrities, who will solve their identity on the day of their performance. All of them, as the chain emphasizes, that they will be popular characters “of the first level and from all fields, who will face each other every week with the sole purpose of not being eliminated.”

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