I know of at least two families that have just received the trail notification fines of 600 euros in the name of one of his teenage sons. The minors were denounced a year ago, in the first de-escalation. At least one for being with two friends on the street doing a little exercise when you could only practice individually. The other one, who knows, maybe they had lowered their mask because of the heat. 600 euros to a child is a paste. And a folly, today, when hundreds of tourists gather at night on the beach to make bottles, and when they see the police they move a hundred meters to continue drinking. When hundreds of Thirties and Forties they huddle on the terraces and have drinks in hand to the rhythm of the loudspeakers. They have had twelve months to take that fine from the kids and throw it in the trash, as they have done with practically all the complaints that the agents of all the bodies have processed during the health crisis, but they have preferred to send it to parents, such as gift of end of the third wave, or the fourth. We are not going to ask how many sanctions for dog owners who do not collect their excrement or walk loose have been processed, and their amount, so as not to delve further into the difficult demographic challenge.