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More green areas, bike path and swimming pool

Several bicycles circulate along the Muchavista promenade despite being prohibited, since El Campello does not have a bike lane.  To the right, the covered swimming pool, which is still closed.  |  JARICO

Several bicycles circulate along the Muchavista promenade despite being prohibited, since El Campello does not have a bike lane. To the right, the covered swimming pool, which is still closed. | JARICO

El Campello City Council you already have the results of the macro-survey Launched at the end of last year to know the opinion of the neighbors about the future use of municipal buildings and what are the needs of the locality. Y Among the answers given by the campelleros, problems that have been entrenched for years are evident, such as the Absolute lack of bike lanes, parking difficulties in the center, accessibility problems, or the long-awaited opening of the covered swimming pool, which has been finished for almost four years and has not been inaugurated.

The Consistory wants to use this survey to, as far as possible, orient future investments to the demands of the neighbors. And the results highlight the complaints of residents about the parking problems that exist in the urban center, which 43% of those surveyed rate as bad or very bad. Regarding the project proposed by the City Council to pedestrianize the Plaza de la Constitución, 62% of responses are in favor compared to 38% who are against, offering arguments in one direction and another.

In the same way, 75% of campelleros demand more leisure, recreation and relaxation areas for the new uses that will be given to the municipal facilities that are scattered throughout the urban area. 50% claim more sports facilities. And there are numerous complaints about the lack of a bike lane, both in the beach area and in the center and north.

More green areas, bike path and swimming pool

“Give more life to the people”

The conclusions explain that “the answers provided repeatedly question the landscape quality of the public spaces that appear in the survey. With different nuances, depending on each area, they all share practically the same demands, the background of the problem being a phrase that is repeated very often in the comments: giving more life to the people. For this, more green spaces, vegetation and shadows are demanded, more uses to energize the town squares, the renovation and implementation of urban furniture, more benches, bins, fountains and better lighting, more and better children’s areas, a complete review of the accessibility through the widening of sidewalks to allow the passage of people with mobility problems and carts, repeated call for attention on the maintenance and cleaning of sidewalks, furniture and municipal buildings, as well as the need for more parking spaces in the center, proposing the remodeling of many of the public spaces and adjacent streets that appear in the survey.

Similarly, “there is a significant number of comments that express outrage and demand the immediate opening of the swimming pool, the sports courts and the hotel establishments located in the Sports Center, the Social Center and the House of Culture.” In the same way, more services are also demanded for the north, another historical claim.

Bet on participation

Mayor Juanjo Berenguer (PP), who is also responsible for the Department of Participation that has promoted this consultation, explained that “I really believe in citizen participation. It is absurd for the City Council to undertake large projects for the future or to design a city without consulting the neighbors. The survey, which has been completed by more than 600 campelleros and campelleras, provides us with invaluable information about matters of general interest, such as pedestrianization, traffic, parking lots, sports facilities or green areas, just to give a few examples. These are neighborhood requests that as mayor I wanted and should know, and hence my commitment to carry out the survey, a very valuable document from which to act in the municipality.

This survey will also be taken into account for the future use of municipal buildings that will be released when the new consistory is built, which will encompass almost all public services, now scattered over a dozen buildings.

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