Tuesday, October 19

More Madrid denounces Ayuso for “violating” electoral neutrality

More Madrid has denounced to the Provincial Electoral Board of Madrid the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for a few statements with “subjective allusions to achievements” during his tenure that would violate the principle of neutrality of the electoral law.

The complaint claims that Ayuso, in a press conference on Wednesday, made statements that violate article 50 of the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (LOREG), since they contained “political evaluations and subjective allusions to achievements obtained during his period at the head of the public institution”.

The text of the complaint, presented by the spokesperson of Más Madrid in the Assembly, Pablo Gómez Perpinyà, recalls that among other topics Ayuso spoke about the work of the Isabel Zendal hospital, the policies to create employment or the aid approved to companies and autonomous, and economic compensation was announced to sectors affected by the pandemic or moratoriums for taxi drivers.

All this after the confirmation that there will be an electoral advance in the Community of Madrid on May 4.

Article 50.2 of the LOREG establishes that “From the call of the elections and until the holding of the same, any organized or financed act is prohibited., directly or indirectly, by the public authorities that contains allusions to the achievements or achievements obtained, or that uses images or expressions that coincide or are similar to those used in their own campaigns by any of the political entities participating in the elections. ”

Although this article 50 does allow information campaigns “as long as they are strictly limited to providing information of general interest about (…) the start-up or operation of a public service”, for Más Madrid the intervention of Ayuso Wednesday “exceeds the mere information of measures of imperative need” and includes “clear political assessments and subjective allusions.”

“Without any intention of doubting the need for help to the Madrid sectors mired in the pandemic that affects us all, there is no justification on the part of those who have called elections a few dates ago to come to the public arena to sell supposed successes of such varied catalog (health, self-employed, taxis). Calling the Community the economic engine of the country can only be considered a mere advertising expression, more in a situation of pre-electoral campaign, “adds the complaint.

For all this, More Madrid requests that the Electoral Board initiate the appropriate disciplinary proceedings against Ayuso, which according to the LOREG contemplates fines of between 300 and 3,000 euros if the person who violates the rule is an authority.

Mónica García, in statements to the media during a visit to a school in the capital, has stressed that once Ayuso called the elections “she ceases to be president and becomes a candidate,” so she “cannot use her place institutional, her place of president “to make an announcement of aid that, in addition,” it has not given in all the last year.

It is “quite paradoxical” that Ayuso “now uses as an electoral tool” a measure that he “could have used” from his government, which proves, in his opinion, that he is “clearly” making a “partisan use of an institution.”

Two days ago the PP presented a practically identical complaint against the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, for having announced his candidacy for the Community of Madrid in a video from his executive office, which for the popular constituted “the use of a position and an institutional office to carry out an undercover campaign act “.


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