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More than 100 sailors in the Xacobeo Trophy 21-22 between Getxo and La Coruña




The 250-mile Regatta between Getxo and La Coruña, opens this Wednesday at the Abra a very special sailing competition that returns after the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club de Getxo tried it in the nineties. and the Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayona, with the support of the Marítimo de Santander and the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña. But it was only organized three times. The objective was to unite the main regattas of the north with a great connection. The will of all nautical was in the wave of which the idea crystallized. Thus, after almost two decades without being programmed, the project is already a reality.

This Wednesday the 21st, at four in the afternoon, almost 15 regatta cruises, belonging to the communities of the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia, depart from the Biscayan waters of the Abra towards the La Coruña estuary. For the Cantabrian fleet there will be the ‘Aizen’ by Gustavo Arce, in ´Mylla ‘by Javier Sánchez and the’ Impredigital ‘by Emigdio Bedia, from the Real Club Marítimo de Santander; for the Galician the ‘Gomez Mostly Hamless’, the beautiful Sigma 38 from the Náutico de La Coruña; by the Asturian the ‘Antelope-Lener’ by José Luis Alonso; and for the Basque the ‘Alpega’ by Alfonso Churruca, the ‘Uso Vuela’ by Gonzalo Chávarri, the ‘Portu’ by Antonio Tena, the ‘Begonia Maitea’ by Guillermo Martín, or the ‘Chicharro’ by Ricardo Pasch from the Real Club Marítimo of the Abra-Real Sporting Club; as well as the ” Marmotinha ” from Orza, the ‘Krill’ from Donostia from Santiago Orlando or the ‘Andarax Bi’ from Zumaia by Josu Portularrume.

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“It is a joy to be present in a regatta of this type in which the spirit of brotherhood of the Cantabrian clubs is recovered”Tomás Alonso Allende, Commodore of the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club congratulated himself in the presentation of the test. “It will be 250 miles, with two or three nights at sea. Participants are going to have a tough race, as the miles are added when going against the wind. The estimated arrival of the first is Friday afternoon “Eduardo García-Santamarina, sports director of the Biscayan club advanced.

More than a hundred sailors will sail from the Abra with an illusion: that the Getxo-La Coruña Regatta, which bears the last name this year the Xacobeo Trophy 21-22, is something traditional every season and one to the two great ones of Galicia : the Rías Altas Regatta organized by the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña and the Rías Baixas, whose baton is run by the Real Club Náutico de Vigo. And between them the legendary Finisterre Trophy, one of the most important and traditional events of Spanish heavy sailing. With this, the main fleets of the Cantabrian Sea, as well as the French and British, are asked to come to the Galician coasts to enjoy high-level competitions with the seal of quality and what it means to navigate pleasantly in the summer season. through the incomparable Rías de Galicia, be they Altas or Baixas.

After the Xacobeo Trophy and with the fleets gathered in the Herculean city, the Rías Altas Regatta will begin on July 29 with four days of competition in as many stages: La Coruña-Laxe, Laxe-Muxía, Muxía-Malpica and Malpica-La Coruña, and with a very important novelty as it is part of the Spanish High-altitude Regatta Championship for the first time in its long history. The end of this second act will be the first of August for, after a necessary rest in La Coruña, to leave on the afternoon of Friday the 6th towards the city of Olives, with a direct route with about 120 miles of route and ending in the estuary of Vigo. The fleet must conclude the test on Saturday or even Sunday. And already at the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, the fleet will be waiting for a Rías Baixas that returns to the five-day format, but only maintains three base ports: Vigo itself, Combarro very close to Pontevedra and To Pobra do Caramiñal, in the majestic estuary of Arousa.

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The plan is an initial regatta to Combarro, a second to A Pobra, a third between beacons along the Arousana estuary that promises to be quite a show, a descent to Vigo and, as a splendid closing, a Vigo-Islas Cíes-Vigo.

In its third edition, it will bet once again on marine sustainability through the use of materials recovered from the sea, recycled and recyclable in trophies, and in other products.

The trophies of the Xacobeo 21-22 Regatta, in addition to a great avant-garde design based on a sailing sailboat, will have a reclaimed wood base and its upper part in recycled aluminum, which has also been done with the trophies of the three other appointments: Rías Altas, Finisterre and Rías Baixas. Even these pieces have used recycled wood from pallets from the Maeloc wineries.

In the global calculation under the banner of respect for the marine environment, more than a hundred boats will have participated, with a thousand sailors on board from the entire Peninsula.

So far the most daring will have exceeded 600 miles. As the unforgettable Don Camilo José Cela would say: from Bidasoa to Miño.

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