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More than 11,000 participants and new test records at the Cursa dels Bombers de Barcelona

  • The 22nd edition of the Vueling Cursa de Bombers covered a 10-kilometer tour of the city and the victory went to Abdessamad Oukhelfen, with a time of 28:19 in the men’s category and Meritxell Soler, with a time of 33:33 .

The 22nd edition of the Vueling Cursa de Bombers de Barcelona has gathered today 11,500 runners in a race marked by good weather and the pulverization of the test records, both in the male and female category. Abdessamad Oukhelfen and Maritxell Soler have been the winners of this year. It so happens that the Barcelona race has become the one with the highest female participation in Spain over the 10 kilometers this season, with 4,200 women, which represents more than 36% of those registered.

The conditions for the records were ideal, with a temperature of 14ºC, humidity of 61%, almost no wind and a sunny day. More than 11,000 runners have been part of one outlet divided into three drawers that have led, as is traditional, the Barcelona Firefighters. On a symbolic starting gun, I almost 300 firefighters in their usual clothing They have opened a morning day of sport, fun and solidarity. In this special category the winner was Daniel Alvarez de La Cruz, with 30:30. The first firefighter has been Gemma Font, with 42:40.

In this year’s edition, keep the classic route, restored since 2016. A route that began and ended at the same point, Avenida Marqués de L’Argentera, and that has passed through such emblematic streets of Barcelona as Paseo de Colón, Avenida del Parallel, Vía Laietana or the entire Gran Via, among many others.

In addition to the fun of the participants, the solidarity has once again been one of the pillars of this edition. Have been collected more than 12,000 euros through the 10 sporting challenges that Bombers Solidaris has thrown through the Foundation ‘My grain of sand’. The objective is for these sporting challenges to become solidarity challenges and to obtain funds to collaborate with entities or non-profit organizations from different sectors, such as health, medical research, social exclusion, children or the environment. The challenge that has raised the most money has been the one promoted by Toni Sala for the benefit of the MUSA Contra el Cáncer Association.

Oukhelfen, unopposed

In the purely sports field, the Spanish-Moroccan runner Abdessamad Oukhelfen, with a time of 28:19, and the manresana Meritxell Soler, with a Chrono of 33:33, both of them new test records, have climbed to the top of the podium. Help, the great favorite, performed a great outing and got away solo, passing through kilometer 5 with 14:23, followed at 27 seconds (14:50) by a group where the Spaniards were Roberto Alaiz, Adam Majó and the also Spanish-Moroccan Lahcen Ait Alibou.

Oukhelefen he pulled hard and no one could reach him to win with a record of 28:19, personal best and new test record, pulverizing the former held by Ilias Fifa with 28:55 from 2016. Abdessamad Oukhelfen is 22 years old, resides in Reus (Tarragona) and became Spanish national in 2019. He was bronze in the 5,000 meters of the European Under-23 2019 and Spain champion of the same distance in 2020.

The second position on the podium went to Adam Majo, with 29:19, one minute behind the winner and two seconds ahead of Lahen Ait Alibou (CA Igualada), third with 29:21.

Manda Silva, Soler wins

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The barcelonan Cristina Silva (Ironwill), winner of the Mercé race last September, initially commanded in the female category, passing the halfway point of the course with 4:52 pm. Followed, six seconds (16:58), in the morning Meritxell Soler (Avinent Manresa), already 29 for the Barcelona Barbara Ramon (17:22).

Silva paid dearly for his initial effort and the manresana Mertixell Soler has escaped with Douane Ouboukir and both have disputed the triumph. Finally, Soler, 29 years old and current champion of Catalonia of the 10 km. has given the final pull to prevail with 33:33, nnew test record and best personal markl, beating the previous record in 22 seconds, held by Marta Galimany with 33:54 since 2018. Ouboukir, who today was not running barefoot as is usual for her, was second with 33:39, and Cristina Silva, third with 34:04, also beating her personal records.

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