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More than 17,000 sign a petition online to revoke bail for a young man accused of shooting Diamond Álvarez more than 22 times in the back in Texas

Diamond Álvarez would have been murdered by her ex-partner Frank de León on a street in Houston, Texas.

Photo: Houston Police Department/Courtesy

For this Wednesday afternoon, more than 17,000 people had signed a petition on to have the bail revoked for Frank de León, the 17-year-old accused in Texas of killing fifteen-year-old Diamond Álvarez with 22 shots in the back, with whom he had a romantic relationship.

De León has been free on bail for a week. after he paid the $250,000 figure imposed by a judge in Harris County. Many do not agree with the granting of that right to the young man given the “execution” type murder for which he is accused.

In the virtual application, named “Revoke bail for Frank de León ‘Justice for Diamond’”, it is specified that they want the accused to remain locked up until he is sentenced.

The applicants start from the premise that the young person will be convicted of the crime reported on January 11 in southwest Houston.

“Diamond Álvarez, 15, was SHOT OVER 22 TIMES by Frank de León, 17, on January 11, 2022. Frank, who planned and set up the crime scene, was arrested on January 17, 2022, while HPD (Houston Police Department) worked closely with the community to identify witnesses and leads. He is now charged with murder in State District 174,” a description of the petition begins.

“When suspect Frank de León was arrested, detectives indicated that they found him packing to flee the city/state or country. Before and since his arrest, Diamond Álvarez’s family has been receiving threats and has been harassed on multiple occasions in his home and they now fear for his safety. Judge Hazel B. Jones granted him bail at $250,000.00 and the threats and strain have only worsened for the family, the neighborhood and the city of Houston,” the campaign message continues.

The administrators of the initiative did not elaborate on the nature of the threats.

The victim’s mother, Ana Machado, has already thundered on several occasions about the amount of bail imposed.

“What else does this boy have to do to be punished?” the woman told Univision this week about De León’s bail.

Under the law, other than capital murder charges, all defendants are entitled to bail.

In addition to the above, the fact that a defendant does not have a prior criminal record, as in the case of De León, influences the judge’s decision when approving or not the bail.

“There are some other states that have much more conservative bail schemes, and that are tougher on criminals,” legal expert Steve Shellist said when asked by ABC 13 about the case.

“Texas, right now, you know we’ve had a lot of changes over time. I wouldn’t say friendly towards criminals, but certainly more favorable.”

In Shellist’s view, complaints about the reform of the bail system and the De León case are matters that should be referred to legislative officials.

“It’s something we’ve seen over and over again. Every week it seems like that’s the issue,” Shellist said. “The annoyance should be directed, not at Thursdays, but at Congress. They are the ones who create the laws that establish the bail conditions that judges and magistrates have to follow,” he pointed out.

Alvarez was shot to death at around 9:30 p.m., when he agreed to meet De León not far from his home, in the 15400 block of Park Manor Street.

Allegedly, the young man had summoned her to talk about their sentimental situation. Supposedly, Diamond had cut off the relationship after she caught him with another young woman with whom the boy had been in a relationship for years. The information that has transpired so far in the Court suggests that the other girl also left De León after learning about the love triangle or they were estranged.

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