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More than 30 premature babies received donations of breast milk at the Cáceres ICU


The San Pedro de Alcántara Breastfeeding Commission asks mothers to donate a part of their milk for hospitalized vulnerable children

More than 30 premature babies who were admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Cáceres were fed with breast milk from female donors during 2021, as reported by the Lactation Commission of the San Pedro de Alcántara Hospital, on the occasion of the Week of Breastfeeding, which is celebrated from the 3rd to the 10th of October.

Feeding with breast milk provides important benefits to hospitalized premature infants, since it drastically reduces possible short- and long-term health complications, the Board reports in a press release.

However, he adds, the aforementioned Commission has expressed its concern that, while the number of premature births is increasing progressively, donations and reserves of the Maternal Milk Bank do not increase in the same proportion.

Only in the San Pedro de Alcántara Hospital in Cáceres, in the first nine months of 2022, 14 premature children weighing less than 1,500 grams have already been born, the same number of babies with that weight as during the whole of last year, when they were registered. a total of 77 premature births.

For this reason, the health professionals who are part of the Commission have called for the solidarity of mothers who can donate part of their milk to feed hospitalized vulnerable children.

need for donations

Any healthy mother with correctly established breastfeeding and healthy lifestyle habits can donate breast milk, through a very simple procedure that your midwife or pediatrician can tell you about at the health center or hospital, or by calling 924314688.

The entire process is centralized from the Banco de Leche Materna de Extremadura, a department of the Extremadura Health Service created in 2012 where human milk donated by mothers in the region is processed, stored and distributed, destined to feed vulnerable babies born prematurely. or with various diseases, until they can be fed by their mothers.

The San Pedro de Alcántara Hospital is the only hospital center in the region accredited as an “Aspiring Hospital in a phase of change” by the Initiative for the Humanization of Birth and Breastfeeding Assistance (IHAN), an idea launched by the WHO and UNICEF to encourage hospitals, health services, and in particular maternity wards, to adopt practices that protect, promote and support exclusive breastfeeding from birth.

The San Pedro de Alcántara Hospital Breastfeeding Commission, created in 2012 thanks to the encouragement of some professionals and in collaboration with groups of mothers and patient associations, aims to promote and support the best possible start to life, ensuring optimal practices in attention to pregnancy, childbirth, neonatal period and, especially, breastfeeding.

Its projects focus on supporting and promoting the accompaniment of mothers in caesarean sections, the continuous training of health personnel in breastfeeding, as well as the continued support of infants from the hospital and Primary Care centers.

It also dedicates its efforts to “continue encouraging our leaders and public administrations to adopt practices that protect, promote and support exclusive breastfeeding from birth, given its important health benefits for the general population, and also in the economic and environmental field ».


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