Friday, July 30

more than 30 provinces on alert




Although the storm Filomena has already been almost completely diluted after its passage through the Peninsula, for the moment there will be no meteorological truce. Today an anticyclone arrives and with it, an intense cold wave that warns about thirty provinces due to temperatures that could reach up to -15ºC, according to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), which issued a special warning yesterday.

This frigid cold wave could extend, at the very least, until next Thursday. In addition, the combination of extreme temperatures with the snow that fell in recent days will cause much of the precipitation in the form of ice and snow. it stays on the surface of half the country at least until the beginning of next week.

Ice hazard

The snow levels will continue today below 500 meters in the northern third of the Peninsula, and will range between 500 and 800 meters in the Mediterranean area. But only in Cantabria will the yellow level notice remain (risk) due to snow.

High pressures and a clear sky will lead to very low temperatures at night. This will cause the accumulated snow on the street to freeze and turn to ice. «In the absence of wind, in addition, the cold will stagnate over the country and the air will not be renewedá », explained yesterday from Meteored. These temperatures throughout Spain remain below their usual values ​​on these dates, with generalized frosts, more intense in the mountainous systems, the Southern Plateau and the southern plateau of the North Plateau, with temperatures that may range between -10ºC and -15ºC.

Regarding temperatures, the Aemet has activated warnings of different types in more than thirty provinces. In Orange alert (that is, a significant risk) are Huesca, Ávila, Segovia, Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Toledo, Lérida and Madrid, for temperatures that will range between -8ºC and -10ºC. On notice of yellow level (risk) are the provinces of Almería, Granada, Jaén, Zaragoza, Teruel, Burgos, León, Palencia, Salamanca, Soria, Zamora, Barcelona, ​​Gerona, Tarragona, Cáceres, Lugo, Orense, Murcia, Navarra, La Rioja and Valencia , for temperatures that will vary between -1ºC and -8ºC.

Historical lows

The lowest night temperatures were expected last night and also for the early hours of Tuesday, with strong frosts in large areas of the interior, where temperatures below -8ºC will be reached. If the weather forecast comes true, several cities could reach a new all-time record: Madrid has only dropped once from -10º And it was January 16, 1945.

In mountain areas and flat areas with snowy surfaces, the minimum temperatures can be below -10ºC. In this last week they have already seen the thermometer drop even below 20 degrees below zero, such as the unofficial record of -35º in Picos de Europa on Wednesday or the -34º in the Catalan Pyrenees the day before.

The Aemet also highlights that daytime temperatures, both Monday and Tuesday, even with a predominance of slightly cloudy or clear skies, they will not exceed 5ºC in much of the Peninsula. In mountain areas, and even in flat areas of the central area, they will remain negative throughout the day.

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