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More than 7,000 people from Extremadura will attend the demonstration in defense of the rural world

«It will be a demonstration never seen in Madrid. The rural world is going to mobilize to the maximum. Your survival is at stake.” José María Gallardo, president of the Extremeña Hunting Federation (Fedexcaza), is excited about a massive event, next Sunday 20, which is intended to act as a shock to the adoption of regulations “both by the central government and the Union Union that, far from favoring the development of the least populated municipalities, condemns them to their slow disappearance. To refine: Gallardo refers to the enactment of laws and royal decrees of prohibitions and restrictions on hunting, agriculture and livestock.

Only Fedexcaza has accounted for 131 buses that it has managed to be in the capital of Spain within a week. It is true that the Spanish Hunting Federation has been the great promoter of the protest act but it is evident that it transcends the exclusive hunting theme.

The federation that encompasses the irrigation communities, for example, calls for more investment in regulation works to deal with droughts, the review of hydrological plans, lower electricity bills and the modernization of irrigation systems.

For their part, farmers and ranchers denounce against changes that are required in the production model “that endanger the competitiveness and survival of farms”, added to cost increases, low profitability, environmental demands and animal welfare.


“We have plenty of reasons to demonstrate,” dissects, in his case, Gallardo. Hunting, he insists, is vital not only for lovers of this practice but also for agriculture and livestock. It mobilizes 90,000 people in Extremadura and directly generates 180,000 jobs in the country as a whole.

“Everything that has been dictated in recent times and what is wanted to be dictated, such as the animal protection or animal welfare law, whether from Madrid or Brussels, implies prohibitions or restrictions,” underlines the president of Fedexcaza before recounting what are you talking about.


Dove hunting has been prohibited “without scientific evidence”, underlines José María Gallardo; hunting in national parks; a ban on the use of lead bullets from next year for hunting; Silvestrism (capturing and caring for birds such as goldfinches in captivity to train them to sing) promotes the recovery of the wolf.

“The latest is a modification of the Penal Code to punish actions against wildlife with prison sentences by equipping them as crimes of animal abuse. Killing a baby wild boar while hunting is not the same as killing a domestic dog », he emphasizes.

He maintains that attempts are being made to criminalize this group and help the hunting activity to disappear. «The aim is not only to end hunting itself but to create a mentality, a cultural indoctrination that rejects everything that involves the death of an animal. Even if it’s cattle to feed us.”

Gallardo points out that the demonstration on the 20th is against the Sánchez Executive (also against that of the European Commission) but not against the PSOE because the central government is one thing and the regional governments are another. The one in Extremadura, he emphasizes, is a very clear example of support for hunting «.

Speak of dogs. / TODAY

“With the regulations that they want to implement, some do not know what the field is”

German Gil. /

Germán Gil, 59, is clear that he will attend the demonstration in Madrid on the 20th. He does it with absolute conviction because, he sums up this newspaper, «Between prohibitions and new regulations they do not know that what is in danger is not hunting but the countryside, the rural world itself. Some do not know what the field is and what it means». A formworker by profession, a native of Hervás (Valle del Ambroz), Gil practices big game hunting, manages preserves, is a rehaler and, he says, a defender of rural life “for which we must always work because Extremadura and other regions cannot be remove without towns».

«I would have been 7-8 years old and I was already going with my father when he went out to the field to hunt. It’s been in my blood since I was little. That was transmitted to my uncles, my brothers and now to my son, “explains Gil before recalling the weight that hunting activity has not only in the preservation of environmental sustainability but also in agriculture and livestock. “That’s why I don’t understand the animal welfare and protection law they want to pass,” he says.

«I am the first to treat my dogs as they deserve, I take care of them, I clean them but the regulations want to assume them to people, that instead of animals they are people. And that’s not logical.” Hunters and ranchers are against having to castrate by law all animals of different sexes that can reproduce or have outside access to homes. Or that hunting or herding dogs are treated like pets.

«Deep down, what they want is to ban hunting but they haven’t done it. They don’t dare or you know that’s outrageous, ”says the Hervás rehaler and hunter.

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