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More than 80,000 airport rental cars are pending business legalization

What’s more, the employers point out that one in two passenger cars and SUVs that are registered in the province of Alicante are dedicated to this activity in the vicinity of the international airport, where there are more than 55 companies working, the vast majority with provisional licenses and others without permits.

And that weight will be one of the arguments that the association is going to contribute to the City Council to defend the survival of businesses that they describe as an “airport necessity” established for more than two decades, as long as, they assure, they comply with all environmental requirements.

The association defends the survival of all that activity “that complies with environmental permits”


What the employers will raise, among other things, according to its president Mauro Derqui, is that the companies are open in plots where the second track or the train connection are projected, they can continue working with conditional permits. And that means keeping their businesses until the new infrastructures are built and when they are expropriated they are only entitled to compensation for the value of the land and not for the facilities.

In fact, the employers ensure that those who in 2005 they got the approval of the City Council to open they have this type of authorization.

For this, the sector is at the expense of the City Council being able to specify the area that will occupy the second track parallel to the current one and the route of the train in order to know how many companies are really going to be left out in the future due to space issues.

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At the moment, the second runway contemplated in the proposal for the revision of the Alicante-Elche Airport Master Plan is in the environmental evaluation phase, so it still has many procedures to go through, while the arrival of the train at the aerodrome is not possible. wait ten years from now for the budget cuts due to the covid.

Likewise, the association will demand that all companies that are on land not affected by the new infrastructures can maintain their activity if they have all the permits in order. Something, which the employer defends that meets “the vast majority” of signatures, although he still cannot specify how many there are. Yes indeed, the complaints from Seprona, which carries out inspections every year, are there, which according to Mauro Derqui, has made companies catch up with all the requirements. One of the measures to which they are obliged is not to dump and recycle the water, since they are settled in sensitive lands near wetlands.

Regularization «welcome»

The legalization that the City Council wants to do now of these businesses, after two decades, has been “welcome” for the employers, according to its president, who assures that the measure had been requested from the City Council because “we do not want to be precarious and we want be in legal, “says Mauro Derqui.

The spokesperson for this group also affirms that they want to “walk hand in hand with the Town Hall for regularization with the aim of solving the problem with the neighbors who live around the fields and who have problems.”

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Complaints about noise and speed of cars rental have been a constant in recent years since these facilities multiplied. A municipal report has warned that there are various parcels scattered throughout this territory, further from the aerodrome, so that these occupations are distributed in a disorderly manner.

For legalize these activities, the government team of PSOE and Compromís announced a few weeks ago the start of the public consultation of the special plan that will regularize the rental of vehicles. And a few days ago, representatives of the business association met with the mayor to address the complex situation they are facing.

Although, this procedure is still very initial and is expected to be cumbersome and long, since it must have the approval of Aena and other administrations dependent on the Generalitat and the central Government.

How are these companies going to be accommodated?

To legalize rental car companies and parking lots around the airport, the City Council of Elche proposes the delimitation of an area of ​​common rural land in which a new urban classification will be established, all of this to allow these activities with basic rules. These rules will regulate the uses, intensities and degrees of protection and landscape integration to prevent urban subdivision and uncontrolled building. The City Council will establish the maximum heights and surfaces allowed.

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