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More than a thousand students regret losing their hospital practices

Medicine Internship at the Miguel Hernández University.

Medicine Practices at the Miguel Hernández University.
Pilar Cortes

Laboratory of the University of Alicante. Alex Dominguez

It is not only difficult to be health personnel right now, so is preparing to be. A total of 1,135 students of Health Sciences in the province have seen their hospital practices truncated after the suspension “sine die” dictated by the Ministry of Health due to the increase in cases of covid admitted in this second wave.

The students move between understanding, “the situation is complicated and maybe now we are in the hospital,” and concern for not being able to experience the treatment with the patient first-hand, enter the operating room or understand the reason for a diagnosis from the hand of his tutor.

They are a total of 1,135 students of the province those who have been affected by the suspension -735 of the Miguel Hernández de Elche University (UMH), of which 543 are from Medicine, 200 from Nursing from the University of Alicante (UA) and another 200 from CEU de Elche-. The students of the last years of degree can continue, something that supposes a relief in Medicine, where sixth consists entirely of hospital practices and the end-of-degree project.

The coordinator of the Valencian Community of the State Council of Medical Students (CEEM), Jesús Andicoberry, criticizes that Health “did not plan safe alternative practices in certain services such as Dermatology or Traumatology, which are not so affected by the covid, because this was seen coming ». However, he admits that in current circumstances “students are not essential, although we want to remember that our training is important as future professionals.” “We find it very difficult to recover internships in summer because it is time that does not count as mandatory in the teaching plan and they cannot be passed to this period.”

In the faculties they try to make the suspension affect them as little as possible. The dean of Medicine, Antonio Compañ, affirms that «we are moving to online teaching everything that can be done from the practices, such as seminars, discussion of clinical cases, video projection with surgical interventions or explorations ”. While the dean of Health Sciences of the UA, José Antonio Hurtado, explains that they have decided that this course, instead of a semester of theory and another of practice, all the theory of the corresponding course and the next and the next course will be a full internship. Even so, the universities will send a letter to Health next week reminding them of the importance of carrying out hospital practices to guarantee teaching quality.


«I only missed one week of practice, but because I signed up for the first groups. As we do not know for how long the suspension will be, we do not know what will happen to the rest, but I see practically impossible that they can be recovered, “says Kevin Zambrano, who is studying fifth year of Medicine. “The situation here is not so serious and I think we could have gone to certain services that are not directly involved in covid,” he adds.

Carlota Rodríguez-Lescure and María Pérez-Hickman are two of the lucky ones who have been able to do the practices, but they would like their teammates to be able to live the experience as well. “Internships are what motivate the most and it is also where you learn the most because you really see how the hospital works,” they say. Pilar Pastor and Jessica Montes, from Nursing, have remained “with the illusion of being able to go”, but they hope to set foot in the hospital next year.

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