Monday, January 30

More than fifty Chinese demonstrate in Madrid asking for “freedom” and “rights” to the Xi Jinping regime

Nearly sixty people have calmly demonstrated this afternoon in the center of Madrid under slogans such as “give me freedom or death” or “freedom of expression in China.” Concentrated in the Plaza de España area, in the center of the capital, most of the protesters they are of chinese nationality and they have wanted to support their compatriots who are protesting in China against the policy of the Xi Jinping Government of Covid zero.

“We have come here to remember those who died in the fire, but also to ask for freedom and the compliance with human rights in our country”, said one of the protesters, who hid his face so as not to be identified.

With the already famous blank paper, which has become the symbol of the protests, the protesters wore masks, not for fear of catching Covid, but rather so as not to be identified by the Chinese Embassy in Spain.

«The Government of Spain has forgotten that China is also a dictatorship. Not just Cuba or Venezuela», denounced Yuan Lee, one of the few attendees at the protest who has decided not to cover his face. Lee recalled that in Spain there are nine “undercover Chinese police stations that they use to illegally monitor Chinese nationals outside the country.” ABC has already published an investigation by the Safeguard Defenders organization that described how the Chinese Police, in coordination with entities of the Chinese Communist Party, had established a series of “service stations” to control the Chinese population.

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fear of retaliation

The fear of reprisals and that their relatives in China will be persecuted has caused the majority to cover their faces with masks and caps: «The Chinese Embassy in Spain controls all our data, facials, fingerprints, photos, telephone, documents, we are also afraid for our families to become held hostage by the Chinese governmentBut we have to go out and demonstrate.”

It is unknown who organized this demonstration. Most of them have come thanks to messages that have been published on social networks such as WhatsApp or Instagram and have avoided being identified for fear of reprisals. The usual thing among the Chinese population is the use of ‘Wechat’ as a messaging application, but this time they preferred not to use it for fear that they would use the information to persecute them. «We know they use Wechat to monitor us», has assured a young Chinese present at the concentration.

«The Government of Spain has forgotten that China is also a dictatorship.

Not just Cuba or Venezuela

», denounces one of the assistants

Demonstrations by Chinese nationals, both inside and outside the country, they are quite rare. Especially because of the strong repression carried out by the Xi Jinping government. There are the examples of Hong Kong and the persecution of the Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang region.

What has disturbed this ‘peace’ for decades in China has been the strong restrictions against Covid. After two years, there are still strong lockdown measures in place, such as PCR tests and travel bans in and out of the country.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for the patience of Chinese citizens was the fire in Urumqi last weekend. Ten people died because firefighters they could not act in time due to health restrictions. It was the trigger for a wave of rejection to flood not only social networks, but also the streets of China and other world capitals.

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