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Mori resigns as head of Tokyo 2020 after sexist controversy

The Tokyo Olympics, with the impression that they are finally advancing, even if at an irregular pace and overcoming all kinds of obstacles, they do not live for scares or problems. The latest crisis has come with the resignation of Yoshiro mori, the veteran leader, 83, who was as president of the organizing committee. This Friday, she resigned after the impressive rejection in Japan caused by the sexist comments made last week, when she said that she disliked having more women at the Games because they talked too much in groups.

Criticism came from everywhere, with campaigns on social networks, with protests from the political opposition and with the rejection of many of the main female figures in local sports. It even gave the impression that as a result of the blunder and some absolutely indefensible comments, I died He had lost the confidence of the Government and his conservative party, which is the same one that heads the Tokyo Executive and that he presided for a few months there in 2000.

The decision

“My inappropriate statement has caused a lot of chaos and therefore I resign as chairman of the committee,” he said. I died, precisely in the official meeting that had been approached to decide his future at the head or not of the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Games. Now it is expected that the name of the person who will succeed him will be announced shortly, just five months after the start of the great Olympic event, postponed last year as a result of the pandemic.

For this, this Friday a committee was created in charge of choosing with “absolute transparency”, according to the proposal, the new head of the Games. And in the midst of the controversy over the equality of men and women in Olympic positions in Japan, several local media were already citing the name of the minister in charge of the Games, Seiko Hashimoto, as one of the strong candidates to replace Mori.

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IOC statement

Precisely one of the causes that had accelerated the fall of I died It was due to complaints from some of the main sponsors of the Games and the fact that a significant group of volunteers had voiced their resignation if he continued to lead the Games. “We respect and understand Mori’s reasons for resigning. The Olympic Committee will continue to work firmly with his successor to deliver a safe Games,” he said Thomas Bach, President of the IOC.

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