Friday, October 22

Morocco closes the border and slows down the pace and intensity of entry into Ceuta




Nobody lowers their guard and nobody dares to venture that the situation is under control, but in the last hours the agents deployed in the Tarajal area have experienced a respite. According to police sources, There are still occasional entries through the breakwater, swimming and in small homemade rafts although nothing to do with the avalanche of the 24 critical hours in which the flood of people exceeded 8,000 arrivals (figure from the Ministry of the Interior), which in the autonomous city rises to 10,000.

«The pace and intensity has dropped a lot; they follow the punctual crossings, “say police sources. There are two key reasons for this decline: Morocco’s performance that yesterday afternoon he began to turn off the tap and his police forces began to make full use of those who wanted to enter Spain and returns. They had never been produced in that number and with such speed. Last night there were already more than 4,400 people who had been expelled. According to Interior sources, these returns have continued overnight and President Pedro Sánchez has raised them to 4,800 in the control session of Congress.

These returns, almost at the door of entry and exit, are unprecedented and have destroyed the morale and expectations of those who a few hours before had been spurred to start the march towards Ceuta. The marketing of Morocco with its nationals and with sub-Saharan Africans settled in its territory has been clearly evidenced.

The news has also spread that there have been disappearances of people on the tripAlthough the Civil Guard only has evidence of the drowning of a woman, and that information, true or not, is another factor for discouragement.

If in the next few hours the expulsions and control of the fence on the Moroccan side continue, Efforts will have to focus on minors, another figure that is not specified and that ranges between 700 and 800, unaffordable for Ceuta unless new resources are made available. Some are children as young as 10 who may have entered with their parents and have been returned to the other side of the border. It is perhaps the most delicate issue because international conventions are clear when it comes to minors.

One of the biggest problems is that minors cannot be returned to Morocco. According to the sources consulted by ABC, in some cases determining whether the person who has just arrived at the beach, who is undocumented, is not yet 18 years old is complicated. “Until now, and it is foreseeable that this policy will continue, what is done is that the doubtful ones are expelled without further verification», Explain the same media. The Moroccan Security Forces do not pose problems in this regard, because they do not have the capacity to determine that age either.

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