Monday, June 27

Morocco’s President-designate Announces Three-Party Coalition Agreement



The President-designate of Morocco, Dear Ajanuch, announced this Wednesday an agreement to form a government coalition made up of its formation, the National Group of Independents (RNI), the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) and the Istiqlal party (PI).

Ajanuch has appeared before the press about ten days after being commissioned to form the Executive from the hands of the King, Mohamed VI, after his party’s victory in the legislative elections on September 5, which marked the end of ten years of rule by the Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD).

In this way, the new coalition will control 270 seats in Parliament, while the other 125 will become part of the opposition, without at the moment there being any details about the distribution of ministries between the coalition formations, as reported by the Moroccan newspaper ‘Le Matin’.

Ajanuch stressed during his appearance that the consultation process has been marked by the «responsible and fruitful dialogues»And respect for the Constitution and the rules that govern the operation of the country, including the monarchy and Islam.

He has also advocated for launching the national plan for development and working to improve the living conditions of Moroccans, while calling on the opposition “work together»To overcome the challenges facing the African country.

Ajanuch, considered the second richest man in Morocco, already announced after the elections that his will was to “get down to business” to advance the economic and social development of Morocco, always “under the direction” of King Mohamed VI.

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The PJD suffered a crash in the elections and, after going from 125 seats to just twelve, is condemned to irrelevance in the new Moroccan political scene. The results caused the resignation of the top of the Islamist formation.

Investigation into the death of a politician

In another vein, the Moroccan authorities have ordered the opening of an investigation into the death on Tuesday of a regional councilor elected in the elections held recently in the African country.

The Prosecutor’s Office has indicated that the investigations seek to clarify the causes of the death of Abdeluaheb Belfquí, whose body was found with a gunshot wound at his home, from where he was transferred to the Guelmim hospital, where he died after undergoing surgery.

The Prosecutor’s Office has revealed that the preliminary investigations carried out by the Judicial Police allowed a rifle to be found in his home and has added that it is suspected that it was a suicide, as reported by the Moroccan state news agency, MAP.

Belfquí managed to be elected as regional councilor in the elections held on September 8 and was among the possible candidates to be president of the regional assembly in Guelmim-Ued Nun.

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