Wednesday, August 10

Moscow backs Taliban demand for US to pay for reconstruction




The main result of the summit held in Moscow on Wednesday with Taliban representatives has been the commitment of ten countries to promote a donor conference within the United Nations to help Afghanistan to overcome the current economic collapse it is suffering and to undertake its reconstruction. The idea is that the funds needed to tackle such a task will be provided by the United States and its NATO allies, who are considered to be “responsible” for the current situation in the Central Asian country for having occupied it militarily for two decades and then abandoned it. your luck.

The ten countries that have promised the new Afghan authorities to work together to mobilize resources are Russia, the host country of the summit, China, Pakistan, Iran, India, and the five former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Almost all of these countries share a border with Afghanistan or, as in the case of Russia and Kazakhstan, are very close. They will try to convene a donor conference as soon as possible to avoid an economic and humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan.

Cited by different Russian media, the representatives of these ten states stressed that the main burden of aid should fall on the countries whose troops were present in Afghanistan in the last 20 years, in obvious allusion to the United States and its NATO allies. . The withdrawal of these forces in August made it possible for the Taliban to come to power by force.

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It so happens that the Americans were not present at the Moscow meeting on Wednesday, even though they were summoned. On Monday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price announced that they would not attend the meeting in the Russian capital. “We hope to participate in that forum in the future, but we are not in a position to participate this week”, he pointed out.

But Russia is very concerned that Afghanistan suffers from a situation of international isolation leading to its total bankruptcy. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said this week that “no one is interested in the paralysis of a neighboring state” whose destabilization could end up affecting the entire area. Moscow, according to the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, María Zajárova, is especially concerned that something like this could give wings to terrorist groups such as Daesh.

In August the Taliban overthrew the Afghan government and established an Islamic emirate. Since then, the country has faced acute cash shortages. The Taliban, subject to international sanctions, do not have the funds to run the banks and pay salaries, as Washington froze the reserves of the Afghan central bank. Ultimately, the Afghan economy is in an extremely precarious situation, food prices are rising steadily and unemployment is skyrocketing. According to the United Nations, 97% of Afghans are at risk of extreme poverty.

However, Russia is not rushing to recognize the Taliban regime. Avoiding referring to the atrocities that the Taliban continue to commit, the infringement of women’s rights and the lack of inclusiveness of their government, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that the Kabul authorities “will have to do more” to create the conditions that favor their integration into the international community.

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