Wednesday, May 25

Mosquito pockets overflow the antiplagas service of the Torrevieja City Council

Abundant rain -around one hundred liters per square meter in March-, increased temperature and more sunstroke with the arrival of spring are synonymous with mosquito plague in Torrevieja. The clouds of mosquitoes are already distributed by dozens of points in the urban area and residential areas. Half of the municipal term is part of a wetland, which with brackish waters is the ideal habitat for the reproduction of mosquitoes – although the natural space was there long before the surrounding urbanizations.

In the last twenty years there have been very intense plagues, which have come to generate an increase in emergency assistance in health centers and Hospitals due to bites. This is not the case at the moment. But in recent days the alerts from neighbors about the proliferation of mosquitoes have multiplied the interventions of the company that the City Council has contracted to fumigate. Despite being a renewed service with a recent contract and requirements -September 2020– The work of the successful tenderer has fallen short these days very soon in personnel and means – yesterday it tried to reinforce itself with more extraordinary resources, something that the contract contemplates.

Mosquitoes have an added bonus this season. The need to open doors and windows to improve ventilation against covid. And it is something especially annoying in spaces with attention to the public. As has happened this week in health centers –the one located in the center, on Patricio Pérez street, users tried to avoid them while waiting in line for blood draws-. But clouds and mosquitoes, especially Aedes caspius, have been detected mostly in areas where they have never disappeared. The surroundings of Las Torretas and Punta la Víbora and Los Balcones, in addition to the vicinity of the Hospital. All areas next to the Torrevieja lagoon. Also in various points of the urban area of ​​La Mata and Torrevieja.

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The private pools without maintenance -hundred- and the garden areas accumulate the larvae. Among others, yesterday the service contracted by the City Council acted in the surroundings of the Municipal Leisure Center in which hundreds of people 65 years old will wait for the massive vaccination scheduled for next week. While Los Verdes de Torrevieja demanded yesterday that the City Council act with a greater reinforcement of means, the City Council, without referring to the problem of the plague, or the constant neighborhood complaints, spread images on Instagram about “our team” – that of the company hired – spraying downtown. The Department of Health has provided an email for neighbors to report the presence of mosquito outbreaks: [email protected]

The City Council definitively awarded this service to the INTI company in September for 57,000 euros per year, with a significant drop in the proposed bid price, of more than 12% of the initial budget. Low that the company justified and that the technicians of the hiring table accepted. An amount in which the annual intervention in deratization, disinsection and deworming of other pests is also included. The service had been provided without a contract for more than two years. Extraordinary reinforcements are valued outside of the annual fee. In other words, the area directed by Diana Box can request sufficient extraordinary services to try to reduce the impact of the plague.

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