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Most think that Biden is leading the United States “down the wrong path”; more voters prefer Republicans

President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to decline.

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The evaluation of the first year of government of President Joe Biden is not at all positive for the Democrat, at least that is what two recent polls show; one reports that 68% of Americans consider that the United States is “on the wrong track”, while another indicates that more voters lean towards Republicans due to their evaluation of the current administration.

According to the survey Morning Consult-Politico, 68 percent believe that the US is moving “down the wrong path,” while 32 percent said the country is going in the “right direction.”

The president’s popularity is not advancing either, since only 41 percent approve of his work against 56 percent against.

Experts consulted by this newspaper anticipated that 2022 would be a complicated year with serious challenges for President Biden, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on which a large part of other areas depend, such as the economy, due to the impact that the closures have provoked the supply chains and have caused an inflation of 7%.

The main challenge is to manage the issue of the pandemic in the best possible way, serving the productivity and distribution chains in the best way,” said Carlos Aguasaco, associate professor of Latin American Cultural Studies and vice president of the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at CUNY City College for a special on the projection of 2022.

Then there is the crisis at the border that the president has failed to control, with immigrant advocates against asylum programs, such as Remain in Mexico, and the expedited removal of non-citizens under Title 42.

President Biden’s approval rating began to drop in April, but it was not as marked as in June and July, with the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan. Since then his popularity has not recovered, which is likely to have a serious impact on the electoral process.

The economic issue is the one that worries Americans the most, as pollsters asked: “Thinking about your vote, what would be the issues in your mind that would lead you to decide your vote for federal offices, such as the Senate or the House?” .

42% of those surveyed said that economic issues, such as taxes, wages, work, unemployment and spending is what worries you most.

14% mentioned security issues, such as terrorism, foreign relations and border security.

11% mentioned health issues, especially health insurance issues; an equal percentage spoke of their concern about retirement, Medicare and Social Security.

Republican Party on the rise

As President Biden’s approval slips, voters see the GOP as an option, according to a poll from Gallup.

Although the Democrats maintain the support of the majority with 46%, the Republicans are only three percentage points behind. This is relevant, because before the Democratic Party had 49% of voter support, so the setback ahead of the November elections this year could have disastrous consequences.

The change in support, the report indicates, occurred in the last quarter of the year, just when the popularity of President Biden hit its worst moment and the Democrats in Congress saw the key agenda of the quadrennium stall: the social spending project ‘Build Back Better’ (BBB – Build Back Better) and electoral laws.

The Gallup report shows the decline among voters for the Democrats, because while in the first quarter it registered 49% against 40% for the Republicans, the severe change occurred in the third semester, just after leaving Afghanistan, since it happened to 45% for Democrats against 44% for Republicans.

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