Friday, September 17

Mother accused of killing her 7-year-old son abandoned the child’s father before the murder in Las Vegas

Samantha Moreno Rodríguez, the Hispanic accused of killing her 7-year-old son Liam Husted, was arrested this Tuesday at a hotel in Denver, Colorado, accompanied by an unidentified man, although the subject is not a suspect in the crime.

Ray Spencer, lieutenant of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, indicated in a conference on Tuesday that Moreno Rodríguez left the city of San Jose, California, where he lived with the minor’s father.

Suspect left home where she lived with Liam’s father

The man arrived at the house on May 24 and realized that neither the woman nor her son were there and that the belongings had been taken.

“I’m sorry I had to do this this way,” Moreno Rodríguez said in a voicemail message to the father, who is not being investigated in relation to the crime. The Hispanic woman would have told the man that she would live with the child in another place.

Father did not think that the minor was in danger

According to the information provided by the Police, the father did not think that the minor would be in danger. “When listening to the message, nothing indicated that there was some type of criminal act,” Spencer declared. The father decided not to file a report for kidnapping because he did not want to get Moreno Rodríguez in trouble

“At the time, he was not sure if he wanted to proceed with any child theft or parental kidnapping charges against the mother. But he did feel that he wanted to contact the police and let them know, ”said San José Police Sgt. Christian Camarillo.

On June 1, the man contacted the Uniformed, but officers determined that there was nothing suspicious about the apparent family breakdown.

Moreno Rodríguez traveled from California to Nevada with the child

On May 24, the woman traveled by car first to Southern California and then to Nevada. The suspect was also seen traveling in the same car days after Liam’s lifeless body was discovered last month on a hiking trail near the Mountain Springs Trailhead, west of Las Vegas.

Moreno Rodríguez was arrested on Tuesday in the morning by officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at a hotel east of Denver not far from Interstate 70, Spencer said.

A KPIX report indicates that the minor suffered from autism and that the woman was dedicated to the home and the care of the child. A person who knew the mother and who preferred to remain anonymous said that the family was supposedly a close one.

The body of the minor was found on May 28 by a walker in a wooded area by State Route 160.

Researchers believe that the body was put there. Although authorities have not disclosed how the child was killed, Moreno Rodríguez is believed to have been alone at the time of the events in Clark County.

“We believe he was murdered in Mountain Springs,” Spencer said only.

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