Sunday, November 28

Mother of military man killed in Kabul said Biden voters “killed” her son

After Joe Biden received this Sunday the bodies of the soldiers killed in the suicide attack in Kabul, Kathy McCollum, mother of the Marine Corps 1st Corporal, Rylee McCollum (20), declared that the people who voted for the current president were to blame for the death of his son.

In statements offered to SiriusXM, the heartbroken mother said that Biden, “devastated by dementia”, was the culprit that her son was one of the 13 fatalities caused by the detonations attributed by ISIS-K in the vicinity of the Kabul airport.

“Twenty years and six months old he was. He was getting ready to go home and be with his wife to see the birth of their child, and that irresponsible, dementia-ridden piece of shit just sent my son to die, ”McCollum lamented during the show. The Wilkow Majority.

He recounted how it was the moment when he received the fatal news and maintained that he had woken up at 4:00 a.m. when “Two Marines at my door tell me my son was dead”he said in the middle of crying.

He took the opportunity to blame those who voted for Biden in the November elections for having “Killed” his son, claiming that the result of the elections in which he faced Donald Trump they were won by cheating.

“I just want to tell all of you Democrats who cheated in the election or legitimately voted for him that my son was just killed.”, McCollum ruling.

Currently the family of the deceased soldier opened a GoFundMe to raise funds in support primarily of Rylee’s widow and her unborn child. The goal was to raise $ 5,000 dollars, but until this Sunday they have reached the amount of $ 376,106 dollars.

This Sunday the bodies of the 13 soldiers arrived in the United States in the Dover Air Force Base, in Delaware, in the respective ballot boxes covered by the American flag and receiving honors from the president who was with his wife Jill Biden.

Of the 13 lives lost in the Afghan capital, 11 belonged to the Marine Corps, as well as a Navy soldier and a naval medic. It was known that the total number of deaths during the attack amounted to 180.

The action perpetrated by the Islamic group brought consequences, including a drone attack that killed two members of the Islamic State while waiting new attacks coming from the United States government in the middle of the process of withdrawal of citizens in the Middle Eastern nation.

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