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Mother of missing soldier at Fort Hood Gregory Morales says more remains were found near the base

Initially, the remains of Gregory Morales were found near Fort Hood in June of last year.

Photo: Fort Hood Press Center / Courtesy

A year after the remains of Fort Hood Private Gregory Wedel Morales were found in a field not far from the military base in Killeen, Texas, while they were looking for those of the soldier Vanessa Guillén, his family still does not have a clear answer from the authorities about those responsible for his death and the cause.

Parts of the body of Morales, 23, They were discovered on June 19 in a vacant lot. The young man had been reported missing since August 20, 2019 as he drove to Killeen.

According to his relatives, the young man was in the process of paperwork to leave the ranks of the Army.

Morales disappeared when he was preparing to leave the ranks of the Army

Morales was classified as AWOL, which refers to a soldier who is absent from his position. It is also known as a leave of absence from active duty. Eventually, the young man was declared a deserter.

Fort Hood officials indicated that before his trail was lost, the boy was out of Army prosecution and scheduled to be discharged.

The last time Morales was seen was on the night of August 19 while he drove his black 2018 KIA Rio car outside the military base.

The vehicle had a provisional license from Texas numbered “46190B3”.

The next day, his mother, Kim Wedel, had the last verbal contact with him. He told her that he had bought a new car and needed gas money.

Mother alleges more remains of her son were found near the Killeen base

Today, two years after her disappearance and after the first remains were found near the 3200 block of Florence Road, the mother insisted on her call to clarify the case.

“The situation today is not very different from a year ago,” his mother told KWTX, while indicating that the cause of his death is still “pending.”

“I sit here and look at her photo and there are no answers,” added the mother.

The woman questioned the fact that she did not even know how her son was killed.

“They haven’t even told me that,” he added.

Wedel, who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, traveled to Killeen after the remains were first discovered, but was unable to explore the exact spot where they were found.

He thanked the community members who have taken care to keep the space organized in remembrance of the young man.

“There are a lot of good people in Killeen taking care of the altar of remembrance for me, bringing him a Dr. Pepper from time to time,” said the interviewee.

Until last weekend, Morales’s remains were still being recovered along Florence Road, according to the mother.

“A year later and we continue to find parts of my son, which means that I could not bring him home completely,” he lamented.

Killeen Police Department leads criminal investigation

At the moment, it is the police in Killeen who are leading the investigation of the case. The only thing the authorities have said about the causes of death is that it was a violent crime. Investigators have not yet confirmed that the remains found over the weekend are those of Morales.

Military officials have suspended communication with the woman regarding the case.

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