Thursday, March 30

Mother’s Day. The powerful genes of celebrities

yesIt has always been repeated that everything depends on the genes, but the physical similarity of the children with one of their parents has a lot to do with chance. Markus Hengstschläger, director of the Institute of Genetic Medicine in Vienna, banishes a few myths regarding the received inheritance: that Meryl Streep’s daughter is an exact clone of the actress does not mean that she has inherited more genes from her mother? “Of course not her,” he says. We inherit fifty percent of our genes from each of our parents.

The question is how they are grouped. Each gene has two alleles: one that comes from the father and one from the mother. When a dominant allele is paired with a recessive allele, the former determines the physical characteristic. the world of celebrities leaves clear examples of how the random combination of genes plays in many cases in favor of one of the parents. And how, in those cases, the fact that “like wood, like splinter” also determines his professional steps.

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