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Motion of no confidence in the Murcia City Council: Arrimadas summons the councilors in Madrid to strengthen the motion against Ballesta

It was the best occasion to explain the reasons for the presentation of the motion of censure in the Murcia City Council against the mayor, José Ballesta, as it was also the best time to consolidate it and avoid transfuguisms such as those that occurred in the Autonomous Community. For this reason, the leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, convened yesterday the meeting of the national executive the four councilors of Murcia, Mario Gómez, Paqui Pérez, Pedro García Rex and Juan Fernando Hernández, who showed themselves like a pineapple making it clear that “The motion of censure goes ahead.”

“We have received the unanimous applause of all colleagues, which has caused us enormous emotion,” said the spokesman for the municipal group, Mario Gómez, who explained that they had recounted “in detail” the reasons why they decided to present, together with PSOE and Podemos, the motion of censure last week. “There is a total reaffirmation” in it, Gómez insisted, who as on other occasions stressed that it was not an easy decision, but it was taken after an intense internal debate, “and for a long time”, within the municipal group.

The councilors together with Inés Arrimadas.
The councilors together with Inés Arrimadas. / Cs

For her part, Inés Arrimadas, in her institutional statement after the executive, stated that “today (yesterday) we have been able to listen to colleagues from Murcia; They have explained to us the terrible situation they have been suffering with scandalous practices, irregularities, data that is hidden despite the request for an explanation, data that have ended up in the UDEF; horrifying cases of harassment, harassment, pointing out, threats, which they continue to suffer today. A statement that, he said, had made them “hair stand on end” and sparked “unanimous applause.”

The leader of the orange formation added that the councilors had tried to resolve these questions “with loyalty, but there came a time when our colleagues couldn’t take it anymore, because we are very good partners, but very bad accomplices.”

And as a self-criticism, he indicated that of all the errors, “the one that I regret the most is that we have not been able to transmit the serious situation in Murcia to Spaniards, and we have not transferred the reason for this motion of censure justified by corruption.”

The councilors left at dawn for Madrid in two cars, and returned late in the afternoon, convinced of the need “now more than ever” for the party to remain alive on the Spanish political scene. “We have nothing but words of gratitude to the members of the management team and the executive, who are fighting to maintain the project of a center party such as Ciudadanos in this country,” Gómez commented, denying that the formation was “injured by death, as some want to show ».

The councilors together with Begoña Villacís
The councilors together with Begoña Villacís / Cs

“We are the party to beat both on the right and on the left, but we must remain in the center to put order and because we are capable of negotiating with each other for the benefit of the best policies for citizens,” insisted the spokesman of the training in Murcia.

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Regarding the statements of the councilors of the PP in the City Council, in which, among other things, they asked Cs to dismiss him for failing to comply with the ethical code of this formation, Gómez replied that “what they would have to do is worry for their own, because it is clear that they see the straw in another’s eye but not the beam in their own. He regretted that they are still “bombarding Murcian public opinion with hoaxes, insisting that” we were going to withdraw the motion of censure because he had received a call “from Madrid to do so,” which is a lie.

The PP in the Murcia City Council demands that they withdraw the initiative, that Conesa resign and that Cs dismiss Gómez

Gómez said that the intention of the four was to be tomorrow and Thursday in the Regional Assembly “supporting the deputies” who have maintained the motion of censure against the popular president, Fernando López Miras, despite the defectors.


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