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Movie premieres October 8 and 9 | Movies opening in theaters this weekend

‘In the margins’, ‘The crooked lines of God’, ‘Fall’ and ‘The critic’.

‘In the margins’, ‘The crooked lines of God’ or ‘Fall’ are some of the feature films that hit theaters on October 6

I. Cortes

Two Spanish films head the billboard this weekend. On the one hand, there is the debut behind the camera of the actor Juan Diego Botto, who has recounted the drama of the evictions in ‘On the margins’. On the other are ‘The crooked lines of God’, the adaptation of the novel that Torcuato Luca de Tena published in 1979, by Oriol Paulo. The two, on the same weekend that ‘El Critico’ is released, the documentary that sets its sights on Carlos Boyero.

Juan Diego Botto

in the margins

Juan Diego Botto’s film is the sum of three stories that intertwine throughout the entire length of the film. It begins when Rafa (Luis Tosar), a lawyer who goes out of his way for others, sees how a couple of police officers drag away the daughter of an immigrant family he knows. Her mission, in 24 frantic hours, will be to try to reunite them. They are the same hours that remain for the eviction of Azucena (Penélope Cruz), a woman who works in a supermarket, mother of a child, who lives with her partner (Juan Diego Botto), an Argentine who tries to make a living in the construction. And they are also the same hours in which the plot of loneliness and modesty takes place, starring an older woman (Adelfa Calvo) who has lost her house by endorsing her son’s ruinous business. Social cinema that she moves and disarms.

Oriol Paul

The crooked lines of God

Alice (Bárbara Lennie), a private investigator, enters a psychiatric hospital run by Samuel Alvar (Eduard Fernández) simulating paranoia in order to gather evidence for the case she is working on: the death of an inmate in unclear circumstances. However, the reality that she will face in her confinement will exceed her expectations and call her own sanity into question. The course of events will take her from detective to suspect in a masterful game of clues, in which nothing is what it seems. Oriol Paulo directs this adaptation of the novel that Torcuato Luca de Tena published in 1979.

Scott Man, responsible for titles like ‘The Great Tournament’ or ‘The Heist of the Century’, directs this thriller that takes place at 600 meters above sea level. For Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), life is about overcoming your fears and pushing your limits. However, after climbing to the top of an abandoned communications tower, they find themselves trapped with no way to get down. Totally away from civilization, the girls will put their skills as expert climbers to the test and will fight desperately to survive even if everything is against them. Will they get it?

Michele Laroque

dance with life

‘Dance with life’ is Michèle Laroque’s third film as director. Remake of the English film ‘Finding Your Feet’, by Richard Loncraine, it is a comedy that revolves around a group of adults united by dancing. After 30 years of marriage, Sandra discovers that her husband is being unfaithful to her with her best friend. She leaves him and he will have no choice but to return to her childhood home, where her sister Danie de Ella lives. But coexistence will not be easy, and although the differences are greater than the affinities, there is something that unites them: dance. The dance will become an escape route for both and a new way of living life.

Leyla Bouzid

A story of love and desire

Ahmed, 18, a Frenchman of Algerian origin, grew up on the outskirts of Paris. At university he meets Farah, a young, energetic Tunisian who has just arrived in Paris. While discovering a collection of sensual and erotic Arabic literature that he never imagined existed, Ahmed falls madly in love with Farah and although he is literally overwhelmed with desire, he will try to resist it.

Ding Leung

wild park

Ding Leung directs this animated film that begins with the opening of ‘Wild Life’, a park that offers a new experience. Wearing a gene-altering bracelet, patrons can temporarily transform into a wide variety of animals. Vick finds out that ‘Wild Life’ is running a contest with a big prize and decides to enter. He teams up with Bramble and a mysterious man named Leon, and surprisingly wins the tournament. Soon after, Leon is caught by the owner, Tom, trying to secretly copy the park’s data, and Vick discovers that some guests are going feral and attacking the others. Who is the mysterious Leon? Is Tom the brains that Vick has to fight?

Rodrigo Acosta Tannure

Even if it’s not with me

This film tells the story of a young athlete who is faced with a series of vicissitudes between the love of two schoolmates. This situation will make him change his way of seeing the world and will have an unexpected ending. Write and direct Rodrigo Acosta Tannure.

Marya Zarif, Andre Kadi

Dunia and other tales of the world

Piece that brings together four stories. The first, ‘Dunia’, follows a six-year-old girl who really likes to play, learn and discover new stories. She lives with her grandparents in Aleppo, until one day they are forced to leave their country because of the war. All together they will start a great adventure in search of a new home. ‘Cinema Rex’ tells how in a divided city, a boy and a girl from rival factions meet at the Cinema Rex. He only speaks Hebrew and she only speaks Arabic, but despite not speaking the same language, they manage to form a true friendship based on a magical language: that of cinema. ‘America’ tells the story of a mother and her son in 1950s Tel Aviv. The mother dreams of a future far from Israel, while the son is busy imagining fantasy worlds. And, finally, ‘Bango Vassil’ brings us closer to two children who share a totally different New Year’s Eve: they go on an icy journey in which they will have to cross waters and cultures to understand each other, respect each other and start from scratch.

Juan Zavala and Javier Morales

The critic

Produced by TCM in collaboration with La Caña Brothers and La Comunidad Imagine, ‘El Critico’ portrays the figure of film critic and columnist Carlos Boyero, one of the most followed personalities in Spanish cinema. Controversy has haunted him since he published his first article more than forty years ago and, since then, he has never stopped being in the eye of the hurricane. Is he the last representative of an era that is ending? Have social networks put an end to the traditional influence of critics? Based on the career and personality of such a controversial figure as Carlos Boyero, this production also tries to reflect on the great changes that the genre of film criticism and the media in general are experiencing in Spain.

Joseba Usabiaga and Itziar Aizpuru star in this feature film about Basque emigrants and their cultural heritage. Mikel, after a love break and unemployed, is fed up with his life in the Basque Country. He needs a change of scenery, so he accepts the invitation of a distant relative, with whom he has only had contact through social networks, to go to Argentina to work in the company he is setting up. However, he soon realizes that his familiar has nothing to offer him. To his surprise, the town is inhabited mainly by Basque descendants who have not set foot on the land of their ancestors, but live their traditions with passion and in an idealized way.

Vasily Rovenskiy

Operation Baby Bear

It has been a year since Mic Mic and Oscar returned from their amazing adventure. And now, after a fiendish plot by the Vulture to sabotage the Grizzly cub’s delivery to his opponent in the presidential election, Mic Mic, Oscar, Teen Panda and Stork embark on another grand adventure as they ride a zeppelin to return the little Grizzly to his homes. Legitimate parents, save the elections and the entire continent from the eruption of the volcano.

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