Wednesday, October 20

Muchavista associations break with their mayor and ask for his resignation

Eduardo Seva

The neighborhood associations of Muchavista demand the resignation of the mayor of Red, Eduardo Seva, whose candidacy they promoted in the last elections. Last week, the presidents of both associations presented a letter to the El Campello City Council in which they explained that “in view of the legal impossibility of stripping him of our representation and officially expelled him from the organization, the El Campello Neighborhood Platform, made up of the Associations l’Horta-Muchavista and La Zenia, authentic and main promoters of the REDcv candidacy that won a seat in the 2019 elections, have decided to completely disassociate themselves from councilor Eduardo Seva, understanding that he is developing a role with which we are not at all Okay, and it carries out an erratic and erroneous policy that does not represent us.

They point out that «knowing him, we know that it will be a request that will fall on deaf ears, but hereby we demand his immediate resignation, so that another neighbor can adequately represent us following our electoral program, which was the commitment with which we asked our neighbors for votes . Thus, we communicate that as of today, everything Mr. Seva does or says will be of his own making, without it being understood that he represents the neighborhood community of El Campello ».

And they point out that “our claims, requests or suggestions to municipal policy will be duly transferred, directly, to the City Council itself, which we ask to consider as the only interlocutors.”

The neighborhood associations add that “unfortunately, and against the majority opinion of the group, this councilor has acted on his own, without taking into account our opinions and the commitment to our neighbors who decided to give us their vote. Incoherent positions, political postulates from which we were fleeing, significant absences in important plenary sessions, I vote against our founding criteria. In short, a long list of attitudes and positions with which we do not agree, leads us to take the step.

In addition, they ask Seva to donate the money he receives each month for operating expenses of the municipal group to Cáritas.

Closing the doctor’s office

They also reproach him for not having contacted these associations, for example for the closure of the Muchavista medical office for several weeks due to the pandemic, an issue of the utmost importance for the neighbors, and for which they have begun a collection of firms.

In the same way, they also regret his “unfortunate” comments in plenary sessions, as in the last session, in which he pointed out that El Campello has “a shortage of historical landmarks”, “when it is unaware that El Campello has 28 Assets of Local Interest and 4 Assets of Cultural Interest (BIC) », they explain. And they highlight that “luckily we have started a new path, relations with the City Council are fluid and they are solving all the problems that we communicate to them.”

Seva declined to make statements to this medium about this brief presented by these two neighborhood groups.

Last October was when the split between Seva and the associations came to light. The first regretted that the entities had separated from him for months and that the training lacked any structure, and the groups accused him of betraying the commitments of the candidacy and acting on his own without taking them into account.

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