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Muelle12 conquers the Alicante public: live music, quality gastronomy and open air

Discover the flavors of the world in its Terminal space, open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Discover the flavors of the world in its Terminal space, open from Wednesday to Sunday.

The new great Baltimore Productions project is positioned as the first open space in the country, with up to 6,300m2 of outdoor enclosure next to the sea, located in the Port of Alicante. Muelle12 Grupo Marcos has become one of the safest venues in the country: the perfect place to enjoy #SafeCulture and #SafeGastronomy all day, from 10am to 11:30 pm. In its ample space, they come together an excellent gastronomic offer, the best live concerts, monologues, performing arts and views of the best corners of the city.

The free access area where you can enjoy a huge range of world flavors, cocktails and quality cuisine.

Explosion of flavors in Terminal space

The best gastronomic offer in the city is found in TERMINAL (2,300m2), the free access area in which to enjoy a huge range of flavors of the world, cocktails and quality gastronomy. Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 11:30 pm, the public discovers a whole breakfast program, brunch, snacks, meals, afterwork and dinners that are proposed in this outdoor space with tables, bars and up to six different Gastro stops, which collect the different gastronomic experiences of the world. Garaje Bar and Red Roo with its legendary burger menus, Kodama and its fusion sushi cuisine, the tasty tequeños and crispy chicken from Joey’s, the style mediterranean healthy from La Tribu by Gastronatur and the Mexican dishes of tacos and quesadillas in Taxco.

The space is created under the anti covid-19 security protocols.

To the usual gastronomic offer of Terminal, we must add the different wine and cheese tastings that have been running out of tickets since they began. In addition, every Wednesday, the Mexican party arrives at Terminal, with appetizers that collect all the essence of its traditional gastronomy. Without forgetting new initiatives and activities, such as “Sesiones 80’s” in the afternoon, “Catas Canallas”, free monologues and concerts with the best sounds of La Terreta.

IZAL, Lori Meyers, Fangoria, Noa, La Fura dels Baus and more to be confirmed

The largest area (4,000m2), coined as AUDIENCE, has a large outdoor stage designed for a very diverse audience and a poster of artists that began last March and will run until October, this program includes musical formations, performing arts and the best monologues of the national panorama. Within its programming, shows of the stature of IZAL, Lori Meyers, Fangoria, Amaral, La Fura dels Baus, Ara Malikian, Noa, Miguel Poveda, León Benavente, Xoél López, La Bien Querida, Miss Caffeina, Goyo Jiménez, El Drogas o Novedades Carminha, and so on to almost a hundred names, of which great artists have yet to be revealed.

The largest area (4,000m2), coined as an auditorium, has a large outdoor stage.

The space is created under the anti-covid-19 security protocols (reduced capacity, public distributed by localities, safety distance, smoking ban, mandatory use of masks and hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers). Muelle12 Grupo Marcos is here to stay, with a great reception by the public that passes through the enclosure and returns week after week to enjoy the direct of their favorite band or discover the gastronomic options of Terminal. A perfect space in the heart of the Port of Alicante to enjoy the magnificent sunsets of the city with views of the Castle of Santa Bárbara. Go into muelle12alicante.es and discover more.


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