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Muguruza imposes his law on Badosa and will fight for the title in the WTA Finals

  • The Spanish-Venezuelan tennis player beats the Catalan by a double 6-3 in the Spanish semifinal of the WTA Finals and wins the right to contest the title 28 years after Arantxa Sánchez tried, who fell to Steffi Graf.

Fist in the air and satisfaction. Garbiñe Muguruza thus proudly celebrated a victory that will allow him to fight for the title of the WTA Finals this Wednesday. In 1 hour and 25 minutes the Hispanic-Venezuelan took the duel that faced her against Paula Badosa by a double 6-3. A historic semifinal for Spanish tennis. A new classic that in Guadalajara (Mexico) was played for the first time, although it will not be the last. It had to be a battle of two very competitive tennis players but Muguruza gave no choice and Badosa was blocked. I’ll go for it all. It is Once in life and I have taken it personally, “he had said. And he showed it on the track.

Muguruza marked departure territory. I did not want surprises. He knew he couldn’t give Badosa a break. The tension it was reflected in the faces of the two tennis players, but the Spanish-Venezuelan entered the pink court in Guadalajara knowing what she had to do. The experience it was a degree. And he took advantage of it in the first set, breaking Badosa’s serve (2-1) to take an advantage that he certified with a second break to sign up for the first heat in 35 minutes.

A perfect plan

Badosa she couldn’t find a way to escape the harassment to which he subjected her Muguruza, who scored the points on his side with his serve (80% of first serves) and a forehand that he did not forgive to take away confidence and attack the serve by Badosa.

The Catalan tennis player had said the day before that on the court she would forget about the admiration that she had for Muguruza since she saw her play on television and win titles, but her nerves seized her. Nothing to do with the tennis player who had destroyed Aryna Sabalenka and defeated Maria Sakkari.

Muguruza had seen those games and with Conchita Martínez they had a very well structured plan to attack Badosa’s serve and take away his confidence from the start. It worked like a charm.

Change of tactic

The second set did not start better for Badosa, who gave up his serve for the third time (2-0). The first three ‘break points’ for the Catalan came in the next game. Badosa changed the tactic, trying to be more aggressive, but Muguruza saved the situation by showing very firm and avoiding breakage.

“I have not enjoyed anything. I have been blocked. I have not been able to compete”

Paula Badosa

Saved the situation, Muguruza no longer missed the advantage until certifying the triumph with a Badosa reverse released to the network. “I don’t know what happens in Mexico, but it is the ideal place to be here,” she said happily on the track, while Badosa left her sad and touched. “I have not enjoyed anything. I have been blocked. I have not been able to compete,” she confessed.

Anxiety has been able to. My head has played a trick on me. I played a bad game but Muguruza played very well and deserved the victory. You have to accept defeat and learn from days like today. I am feeling that I am stronger than I thought and, although I must improve, I can aspire to more if I continue working, “said Badosa, who left the track crying.

The memory of 1993

In his fourth participation, Muguruza will be in the final. It will be the second Spanish tennis player to opt for the title that closes the season, after in 1993, 28 years ago, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, then world number 2, she faced the German Steffi Graf, number 1, who defeated her 6-1, 6-4, 3-6 and 6-1.

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Muguruza will face the Greek in the next morning (02.30 hours) Maria sakkari (6 worldwide) or Estonian Anett Kontaveit (8), which they won in the group stage (6-4, 6-4) and which they dominate 3-2 in their matches. With the Greek is tied to a victory. Sakkari beat Muguruza in the Abu Dhabi tournament this year (7-5, 6-4) and the Spanish-Venezuelan won, also this year, in Doha (6-3, 6-1).

Muguruza returns to a grand finale after having won Roland Garros (2016) and Wimbledon (2017), in addition to being a finalist at Roland Garros (2015) and the Australian Open (2020) and world number 1. This year he has returned to the ‘top ten’ (number 5) after winning the titles of Dubai and Chicago.

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