Saturday, December 9

Multiple victims at a Brooklyn subway station

  • At least five gunshot wounds in the attack, in which some type of explosive was also used

  • Authorities are looking for a suspect who was wearing a gas mask

the ghost of the violence in New York has taken shape this Tuesday morning in a Subway station at Sunset Park in Brooklyn. At least 13 people have been injured, five of them by shots, in an incident in which they have also been implicated explosives and that has shaken the city. The suspiciouswho has been identified by authorities as an individual carrying a Antigas mask and wore a orange construction veststill has not been arrested.

The police have reported that around 8.30 in the morningan hour of intense traffic on the subway, have responded to calls that spoke of a shooting in lto 36th Street Station, along which the lines D, N and R circulate. There they have found the woundedincluding those who have been shot, who have been transferred to hospitals.

The police had also received information about smoke at the station and possible explosions and in a video provided by police sources to ‘The New York Post’ and shared on social networks, the arrival of one of the trains is shown and several passengers are seen leaving a smoke filled wagon and apparently injured.

Juliana Fonda, a sound engineer for WNYC public radio, was on the train at the time of the attack. As she has described in statements to the publication ‘Gothamist’, the shots were heard and the smoke was seen and then the passengers in an adjoining car tried to flee and enter yours. Arriving at the Fonda station, he saw people who had apparently been shot.

The authorities have asked the citizens avoid areawhere numerous ambulances and police units have been deployed.

The state governor, Kathy Hochul, He has written on Twitter that he has received a report of the situation in Brooklyn and that emergency teams are in the area.

The president of the USA, Joe Biden, He is also being briefed on the incident, according to White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

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According to police statistics cited by ‘The New York Times’, as of April 3, there were 296 firearms incidents36 more than in the same period last year.

adamswho these days is isolated after having given positive for Covid-19has deployed seven police units against firearms and it has also strengthened the application of measures against minor crimes and misdemeanors as part of an effort to try to prevent more serious crimes. Not without controversy, he also launched a program to get the homeless off the subway.

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