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Mulusznynski–Kurzeja, in cars, and Santolino, in motorcycles, lead the Baja TT Dehesa de Extremadura

The Baja TT Dehesa de Extremadura leaves spectacular images through the Extremaduran countryside. / LOW TT DEHESA OF EXTREMADURA


This Sunday the winner of the sixth edition will be decided with the last stage that will cover the terms of La Albuera, Entrín Bajo, La Corte, Retamal, Solana, Nogales, Salvatierra de los Barros and Santa Marta

The duo Michal Mulusznynski and Lukasz Kurzeja lead the general classification of cars in the FIA ​​European Cup Cross Country Bajas. The Polish couple completed the first two stages of the VI Baja TT Dehesa Extremadura edition with their Mini JCW Rallye in a time of 04:17:24.900. In second position are the Portuguese Edgar Manuel Lima and Carlos Manuel Silva, 02:47.500 behind the top finishers aboard their MO EXR05 Proto. Third place goes to the Can Am Maverick X3 of Spaniards Santiago Navarro and Marc Sola, who finished the stage 07:52.300 behind the provisional leaders.

In motorcycles, the Sherco team leads the classification of the Spanish Motorcycle Raids TT Championship with its two riders, Lorenzo Santolino and Rui Jorge Días Gonsalves. The Spaniard is the first classified after having completed the first two stages with a time of 04:38:24.900, followed by his Portuguese partner at 06:53.000. Third place in the general classification goes to Albert Martí, from the Husqvarna team, who is 10:34.100 behind the first classified.

Back to the cars and within the Spanish TT Rally Championship, the classification is provisionally led by the Toyota Hilux Overdrive of José Antonio Ramos and Daniel Mesa, who finished the day on Saturday with a time of 04:18:38.800. The Lima-Silva couple, second in the FIA ​​European Cup classification, is also second in the national TT category, 01:33.600 behind the first classified. The same happens with the Navarro-Sola couple, from the Maverick team, who are third in the European classification, the same position they occupy in the national category, 06:38.400 behind first place.

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In the category of SSV vehicles valid for the Spanish TT Rally Championship, the comeback was led by Federico Guillermo Mogni and David Aguado Fernández, who started third in the standings and ended up leading the general classification after the second stage with a record of 04: 41:58.500 aboard his Polaris RZR XP Turbo. Second place overall goes to the Yamaha YXZ 1000-R vehicle owned by Agustín González and Rubén Ruiz, who finished the stage 01:36.800 behind the top finishers. In third position was the Polaris RZR XP Turbo of Christian Babler and Daniel Cámara, who will have to overcome the distance of 09:22.100 that separates them from their teammates and provisional leaders of this modality.

Stage 3

On Sunday, 120 kilometers will be played in the second and last stage of this edition of the Baja TT Dehesa de Extremadura. The vehicles will travel through different places and areas that are very different in terms of terrain and topography in the municipalities of La Albuera, Entrín Bajo, La Corte, Retamal, Solana, Nogales, Salvatierra de los Barros and Santa Marta. After the hardness of the first stage, Sunday will decide the winner of the race.

The start will be given at 9.30 am in the case of motorcycles and at 11.00 am for cars. In both cases, the riders will start from the town of La Albuera and end in the municipality of Santa Marta, both in the province of Badajoz. The limited and safe public areas will be located at the exit and in the terms of Entrín Alto, Corte de Peleas, Retamal, Nogales, Salvatierra and Santa Marta de los Barros.

After a tough test, the teams will once again arrive at the Plaza Alta in Badajoz, where the trophies will be presented, the anthems will be played and the cava will be uncorked to celebrate the victories. It should be remembered that the Baja TT Dehesa Extremadura kicks off the FIA ​​European Cup Cross Country Baja Championships, FIM Europe, Spain TT rallies and motorcycle Raids, as well as being valid for the Iberian Trophy and the Gran Lago Alqueva Trophy.

The caravan of cars, boogies and motorcycles caught the attention of onlookers as it passed through Badajoz. /


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