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Munich and Barcelona open face-to-face European car shows

Munich and Barcelona open face-to-face European car shows

Munich and Barcelona open face-to-face European car shows

Since the Geneva International Motor Show the March 2, 2020, European car shows have been in torpor. The suspension of the most important event in the sector was a jug of cold water due to the pandemic, water that seems to be returning to its course. And it does so with the premiere of the first two European exhibitions: Munich and Barcelona.

One starts tomorrow, Monday, and Fira de Barcelona it will at the end of the month for professionals and on October 2 for the general public. Munich premieres on the calendar after taking the organization away from Frankfurt, and both the German room and the Automobile Barcelona They will have hybrid exhibitions and some other novelty in their programs.

The pandema is still in force and, in addition to the health security measures against Covid-19, the organizers have reinvented themselves to show the latest developments in a sector that is in full transformation immersed in the electrical revolution.

New format

The Munich Motor Show (IAA Mobility) starts this next week. Organized by the German automobile association, the IAA is committed to various settings scattered around the city to offer safer spaces. The sample will not have the presence of all the car manufacturing brands, something that we are going to have to get used to from now on due to the cost reduction strategy, but on the contrary, it will offer an increase in connectivity companies, mobility and electrification.

The German exhibition will offer us interesting vehicles that are already knocking at the door. With electrification. Yes or yes. To point out some pearls: Audi will show your concept Skysphere, electric, autonomous and with regulation of distance between axes. BMW (who plays at home) will show his electrical range by starting with the iX or the powerful i4 M50, and its sister brand Mini wants to surprise with a minivan concept with the Vision Urbanaut. That will show the claw of the new plug-in hybrid Sportage (your best seller), while Mercedes will splash technology with AMG EQS, and Renault and its electric mobility brand Mobilize they premiere their first model on Limo. Volkswagen will seduce with ID5 GTX and Dacia with its seven seats Jogger. It is only a small preview of what we will see from tomorrow in Munich.

Among the great novelties that we will see in Munich, beyond the four wheels, we find the proposal of WallboxWithout going any further, the Catalan company of recharging and energy management systems, which will present its supercharger for public use Hyprenova. The system is capable of recharging a car in 15 minutes with a charging power of 350 kW. As its CEO, Enric Asunción, confirmed in an interview with Prensa Ibérica today, this will be the proposal that we will begin to see shortly on the highways and highways.

Outside the living room

As a curiosity to point out that Seat and Cupra will not be present in the room. Well, they will not be but they will be and Cupra will take advantage of the dates to inaugurate its Cupra Garage de Munich and to take advantage of the fact that the informative epicenter comes to cover the Bavarian room, they will present in their new space the Urban Rebel Concept, a prototype of a small electric car in which we will surely have to see some traces of the model that will be manufactured in Martorell in 2025.

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