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Municipal legislator in Puerto Rico was the victim of kidnapping and “carjacking” by a man fleeing from gunmen

File photo of a Puerto Rican police officer in the San Juan area.

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PUERTO RICO- The municipal legislator, Ana Esther Ponce Rosa, survived a kidnapping in the middle of a “carjacking” Perpetrated by an assailant who was allegedly trying to flee from gunmen who are looking to assassinate him.

It was 7:19 a.m. when the criminal broke into the Milleniun clinical laboratory, located on the PR-3 highway in Humacao, where he violently announced that it was an assault and seized the money from the cash register.

“Carjacking” started outside the laboratory

As he was leaving, he snatched the vehicle keys from Ponce Rosa, who was forced to board his 2021 white Honda Passport Touring bus, four-door, with a JOG-158 license plate as a passenger.

The kidnapper released her in the Last Trolley area, after the 67-year-old woman refused to go to the Luis Llorens Torres residential complex in Santurce, where he was going.

At around 10:00 am, employees of a brigade from the Ornato Municipality of San Juan helped her and put her to safety until the state police arrived. they transported her to the barracks on Calle Loíza, in Santurce, where she was interviewed by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who are evaluating whether they are going to take jurisdiction of the case.

Initially, the Puerto Rico Police Bureau (NPPR) had reported that Ponce Rosa was located in the Luis Llorens Torres residential area, in Santurce, where the victim’s bus was being sought.

During this morning, the Pink Alert After a criminal carried out an assault at around 7:19 am, in the Millenium clinical laboratory, located on the PR-3 highway in Humacao, and on the way he kidnapped her to escape.

Puerto Rico kidnapper
Suspect of kidnapping a municipal legislator from Victoria Ciudadana in Puerto Rico. Photo: courtesy, Puerto Rico Police Bureau

Suspect previously assaulted a clinical laboratory

According to the complaint, the individual entered the laboratory where there were about eight people and aggressively announced that it was a robbery, appropriating an indeterminate amount of money from the cash register. As he was leaving, he took Ponce Rosa’s car keys and asked him where he parked it.

The thief He forced her to board his Honda Passport Touring bus as a passenger, white color and from the year 2021, four-door, with board JOG-158 and fled.

The vehicle has not been located.

The NPPR distributed the image of the suspect of committing the kidnapping to request the help of the citizens to arrest him. He was described as having a dark complexion and wearing a blue shirt and denim, a gray coat, brown tennis shoes, and a black cap. For any confidentiality you can communicate Through (787) 343-2020 or (787) 852-1224 extensions 1043 and 1045.

So far this year there have been 106 armed robberies of vehicles, 52 less than those reported on the same date in 2020.

The Pink Alert is activated when a woman 18 years of age or older is missing or kidnapped, in order to find her whereabouts quickly.

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