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Murcia prohibits dumping into the Mar Menor to force the central government to act

The Mar Menor, full of dead fish on the fifth consecutive day of death.

The Mar Menor, full of dead fish on the fifth consecutive day of death.
Ivan Urquizar

Government Murcian will prohibit by decree law the discharges to the Mar Menor along the Rambla Cartagena del Albujón to compel Executive central to eliminate them and it will ask you to transfer the responsibilities of the coasts and the catchment area to be able to stop the environmental crisis that is causing the death of hundreds of thousands of fish in its waters.

After an extraordinary monographic Governing Council on this issue after the arrival of dead fish and crustaceans on the beaches of the salty lagoon since last Monday, the Murcian president, Fernando Lopez Miras, has also demanded this Friday from the central government recover the draft of the Marchamalo gorge to exchange water from the north bucket to the south to oxygenate the latter, the area where they are dying.

One measure is “more than necessary”According to the experts of the scientific advisory committee of your Government for the Mar Menor, that, if the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge does not take, the Murcian Government will resort to the courts to force the central to do so or authorize the regional government to do so. act extremely cautiously.

López Miras: “We are going to work so that all powers fall to the Government of Murcia”

“For this reason, tonight we will move the machines necessary for the recovery of that canal, with which absolutely everything will be planned for the central government to act or let us act, “he said.

“We want to be – he added – those who make the decisions, all the necessary ones. We know what they are, they are written – in the plan for the elimination of discharges to the Mar Menor, popularly known as zero discharge. Our pulse is not going to shake. to take them. Today the debate on the competences ends here, after which no one will be able to hide anymore. We reach out to the Government of Spain with the will to collaborate in the face of a single shared interest “. “We are going to work so that all powers fall to the Government of Murcia. We want to be solely responsible and develop pertinent actions urgently. We want to act to recover “a Mar Menor” that has been crying out for help for years, “he added.

Returning to the discharges that arrive through the Albujón ravine, he has indicated that since agricultural discharges are already prohibited by law, the existing ones come from the groundwater level of the quaternary aquifer, “since it contains nitrates to be discharging them for 50 years”, with what you have to pump water out of it.

He recalled that this aquifer dumps 30 million liters of fresh water and 5,000 kilos of nutrients into the Mar Menor every day, so the only solution is to stop its arrival, since today the wells with which it was previously extracted for irrigation are prohibited. the crops of the Campo de Cartagena region.

The Government of Murcia “has implemented everything in its power to save the Mar Menor and protect it and it is obvious that it has been insufficient, but it is possible to reverse the situation with drastic, firm and resounding decisions like these, which give response to problems that the central does not solve, which generates terrible consequences, and we have come this far. ”

The Region of Murcia has “Three years asking the State to implement the zero dumping plan. If you are not going to do it, let us do it. It has 80% of the powers. Why does the Miteco not fulfill its obligations set out in that consensus document? “, He asked himself before announcing that the mayors of all the riverside towns were summoned to a meeting tonight.

Like his claim to coastal powers, his comparison of the environmental disaster of the Mar Menor, which is reminiscent of the serious episode of mortality of marine fauna due to anoxia in 2019, with that of the sinking of the Prestige oil tanker on the coast has not been new. Galician to resort to the help of the State.

“In the face of natural disasters, complex, comprehensive and ambitious measures must be taken, as was done after the Prestige disaster, in which the central government invested one billion euros without neglecting or saying that it was the responsibility of the Galicians.”

The Region of Murcia invests every year more than 50 million in the Mar Menor and assumes improper powers such as cleaning sludge and sludge, has concluded on an issue that for the PSOE is a municipal responsibility, not a state one.

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