Monday, June 27

Muro also cedes the management of its eco-park to the Terra Waste Consortium

The City Council of Wall has yielded this week the management of its fixed eco-park to the Terra Waste Consortium, just as the Ibi Council did with the facilities of the same type existing in that municipality a few days ago. In this way, the entity advances in the launch of a consortium network of 14 ecoparks in the 37 municipalities of El Comtat, l’Alcoià and l’Alacantí that are part of it.

The transfer ceremony took place on Monday at the ecopark’s own facilities, and was attended by, among others, the mayor of Muro, Gabriel Thomas, and the president of Terra and mayor of Xixona, Isabel Lopez. The enclosure is classified as type B, although with a reorganization of the 1,500 square meter plotAccording to sources from the consortium, the number of containers can be increased so that the installation is considered type D, which is the most complete.

The configuration of the adapted eco-park would have an exclusive route for users, entering and exiting through entrances at both ends of the front boundary of the plot, while trucks would enter through a front access. The covered hazardous waste collection area would also be moved to the upper route area, a new control booth would be built and the installation of the integrated management system would be implemented.

Likewise, it is foreseen that containers and equipment will be renewed, the installation of the integrated management system and a new signaling, so from now on a process of readaptation, authorization and computerization will begin to offer a consortium service. Another outstanding aspect is that it will double its opening hours, from 30 hours a week to 60. In addition, this new facility will serve as a logistics base for the mobile ecoparks. The Muro ecopark will also serve the municipalities of l’Alqueria d’Asnar, Gaianes, Benimarfull, Agres, Alcosser and Alfafara, although the latter two will also have the implementation of contribution areas.

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Isabel López highlighted that “the objective with all these improvements that will be implemented in the Muro eco-park is bring the service closer to citizens to improve, to be more efficient and meet the challenges posed by the 2030 agenda. “In addition, he stressed that” it allows us to recycle more, make the circular economy a reality, leaving behind past times in which waste piled up and little else. ” highlighted the possibility of this eco-park moving from typology B to D, “which is the highest within the categorization of fixed eco-parks established by the regulations.”

For his part, Gabriel Tomás stressed that “we are very happy that we are finally beginning that transition to fulfill the 2030 agenda”, and stressed that “the union between peoples to achieve a common goal with joint strategies“It constitutes one of the basic pillars to promote the circular economy, along with” the importance of public awareness, which is going to be worked on “, so that the population” knows what are the benefits they obtain with this system that is going to be implemented ” . He also recalled that “Muro is a municipality that has always opted for recycling at source, so there is already an important citizen collaboration and that we will continue working ”.

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