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Musk denies having slept with the wife of his friend Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google

Elon Musk has reacted angrily to the news of his alleged affair with the woman Sergey Brin. / AFP

Elon Musk indignantly denies having slept with the wife of his friend Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google

“This is total bs.” Elon Musk wrote yesterday on his Twitter account. Turns out ‘Bs.’ is short for ‘bullshit’. So the translation of the angry tweet would be: “This is a total m…”. It is clear that the owner of Tesla is climbing the walls. The cause: an article published in the Wall Street Journal where, citing anonymous sources, an affair with Nicole Shanahan, the wife of Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, is attributed. After qualifying the news as ‘bs.’, Musk adds in his message: “Sergey and I are friends and we were together at a party last night.” And to confirm it, he illustrates it with two passport-size photos, in which both he and Brin appear in a tuxedo and bow tie, both showing a slight smile.

That Brin and Musk dress in a bow tie at the same time, attend the same party, smile and even greet each other is not necessarily incompatible with one of them having a clandestine relationship with the other’s wife. That is why the interstellar tycoon, founder of Space X, has wanted to specify that he has only seen Nicole «twice in three years and on both occasions there were many people around. Nothing romantic.”

Gift of a Tesla

His blunt clarification calls into question the news that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, a New York newspaper that, with its 42 million digital readers per month, is considered to be the largest newspaper in the United States in terms of circulation. It ensured that Musk had had a brief affair with Shanahan last December in Miami and that was the reason why Brin decided to file for divorce from his wife earlier this year, and of course withdraw the greeting to the Tesla boss. Both were such friends that Musk gave Brin one of his first electric cars in 2015 and would even have come, according to the same newspaper, to apologize on his knees.

The owner of Tesla already has nine children and a bizarre sentimental life

In terms of physical appearance, the man who tried to buy Twitter is far from being a George Clooney, but in terms of seduction (why is that?) he surpasses any Hollywood heartthrob, as evidenced by his innumerable romances, one of them with Amber Heard, ex-wife of Johnny Depp. Actually, Musk started out as a monogamous vocation, but perhaps his success led him astray…

In 2000, he married his college sweetheart, Canadian-born writer Justine Wilson. Unfortunately, his first baby, whom they named Nevada, died of sudden death at ten weeks. Soon after, thanks to in vitro fertilization, they had twins and, later, triplets. Which didn’t make them a happy family either. “A public figure is not a balanced person. If I were a balanced person, I wouldn’t try to be a public figure,” she wrote on her blog Justine Wilson, and she didn’t look at anyone…

This year, Musk had twins again with a top executive at his company, around the same time that his second child with electronic pop singer Grimes was born. In total, he adds nine offspring. He has given one X and the other Y. But at the rate he’s going, he’ll soon run out of the alphabet.

With an estimated fortune of $219 billion, Elon Musk is currently the richest man in the world. Sergey Brin, for his part, with ‘barely’ 107,000 million dollars, occupies the tenth place. Horn war between billionaires or simple summer snake? Only Musk and Shanahan know the truth. She, a successful lawyer and businesswoman, has not spoken at the moment. And he, like Joaquín Sabina, denies everything.

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