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Mutua Madrileña, Mapfre and Pelayo, the insurers with the most satisfactory experience for the client

From the left, Ignacio Garralda, CEO of Mutua Madrileña;  Antonio Huertas, president of Mapfre, and Francisco Lara, president of Pelayo

From the left, Ignacio Garralda, CEO of Mutua Madrileña; Antonio Huertas, president of Mapfre, and Francisco Lara, president of Pelayo

Mutua Madrileña, Mapfre and Pelayo are, in this order, the firms with the best customer experience when it comes to providing a service, according to the analyzes prepared in the discussions by a group of specialists convened by the Coordinate Institute of Governance and Applied Economics.

They point out that in a sector such as the insurer in which customers are increasingly demanding, they compare more between companies and demand more agile attention, the ability of companies to give correct attention to customers during the provision of services appears as a differential element when choosing insurance.

In recent years, the focus of insurers has been on the Customer experience, which is summarized as the perception of quality in the relationship it has had with the insurance while its service lasts, which largely marks the ability to retain customers, be able to increase the average ticket to them and attract new users.

According to the analysts’ conclusions, these three companies are the ones that generate the greatest satisfaction in the customer experience, thanks to their ability to provide an agile response, a personalized treatment with quality service.

Jesús Sánchez Lambás, executive vice president of the Coordinates Institute, when commenting on the results of the analysis, indicates that “consumer aspirations are more demanding and demand an increasingly agile, satisfying and multichannel experience. In an industry under pressure, such as the insurer, a positive customer experience is key to gaining market share, adapt to the needs of the beneficiaries and ensure that margins are not compromised in the face of the technological challenge that lies ahead ”.

Mutua Madrileña

One of the keys to improving the customer experience is adapt to your new needs and offer a multichannel service. Mutua Madrileña has recently launched its new customer service through WhatsApp, answering inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a platform connected to its virtual assistant. Likewise, it serves its clients through offices, web, application, social networks and by telephone.

In the case of interaction with customers when providing the service, the company stands out for the speed of communication when conducting the appraisal. The other strong points perceived by clients are centered on the ease of contacting the entity and the information received on the next steps to follow.


In second position is Mapfre, in which customers rate it especially positively the initiative on the part of the company, the personalized treatment and the simplicity in the language used by staff. The company is benefiting from increased digital interactions with customers, providing a better understanding of policyholders’ behavior and needs.

Along this path to improve and facilitate the customer experience, the company is developing a pilot project to automatically verify the damage to the bodywork of a vehicle, which will allow the policy to be adjusted without the need for the expert to intervene, speeding up the procedures for recruitment, the automotive industry.


In third place in satisfaction in the customer experience for the service provided is Pelayo, who has improved substantially in this field in recent years thanks to its three-year strategic plan and the transformation that the company is undergoing with the change in its brand image as a spearhead. The aspect in which the insurer stands out the most with respect to its competitors is the speed in the processing, as well as in the personalized treatment.

On the way to modernize its platform and be more efficient in the user experience, Pelayo has implemented a new infrastructure and software architecture to carry out a more efficient development and reduce the deployment time of its technological tools. With this application, you will provide faster solutions to your policyholders, improving an experience that customers have already valued as positive in recent times.

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