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Mutxamel approves its accounts with the only vote against Vox

The plenary session of Mutxamel approved the accounts.  |

The plenary session of Mutxamel approved the accounts. |

Mutxamel has approved its accounts for 2021 thanks to the abstention of PSOE, Compromís and Podemos, and with the only vote against Vox. The plenary session gave the go-ahead to the budgets for next year, a project marked by the pandemic and the possibility that next year the remaining treasury can be used for investments and current spending. And where the executive formed by PP and Cs accepted the vast majority of amendments from PSOE, Podemos and Compromís.

The last plenary session evidenced the total rupture between PP and Vox. The far-right party was very belligerent with the mayor Sebastián Cañadas (PP), accusing PP and Cs of “selling themselves” to the left-wing parties and criticizing the games for equality, Valencian, sexuality, the environment or the LGTBI group … And the first mayor marked clear distances with his former government partner stating that the councilor of Vox, Miguel da Silva, “is bad company in this town.”

The accounts for 2021 amount to 24,839,800 euros, about two million more, especially due to the economic injection of the Generalitat to undertake the works in educational centers by the Edificant Plan, according to the first mayor. And Cañadas wanted to thank the abstention of three of the opposition parties. The mayor pointed out that “it is important to have carried out the accounts with a single vote against. And we must recognize the work of the officials, adapting the budget to the pandemic, with many sacrifices on all sides, but increasing the aid for the covid that already this year were 500,000 euros and in 2021 they will be greater, and including investments to finish the municipal market, repairing streets and roads, the new library … And all without reducing items such as Education or Health. In addition, we will be able to use the remaining treasury for more investments and expenses throughout the year, so the budget is very open.

Cañadas also stressed that “we have accepted 100% of the PSOE amendments, which could have voted in favor instead of abstaining, 67% of Compromís and 50% of Podemos.”

Social emergency

For his part, the spokesman for his government partner, Antonio Sola (Cs), stressed that it is “a budget adapted to the current social and economic emergency, with the obligation to help families, businesses, hotels, businesses and the self-employed, due to their vulnerability and that they must rely on their public servants for survival. Being the most significant items of Trade, Promotion and Economic Development (225% increase), Social Services (12%) and Health (72%), continuing to meet all the municipality’s service obligations without any decrease ”. And he regretted “the absurdity and lack of arguments of Vox in his opposing vote, only because of a misunderstood populism.”


For their part, from the PSOE they stressed that “we are obliged to be more responsible than ever and to provide security and stability to our neighbors. We think about the health and well-being of all, there is no other option at this time. For this reason, the PSOE «cannot say no to budgets. We recognize that the government team has accepted all of our amendments, and we are grateful that projects as important to our people as the soundproofing of the covered pavilion, the remodeling of the Justice of the Peace or the Master Plan of Sports Facilities have been taken into account. account and have been budgeted or pending surplus ”.

We can explained that they have submitted an amendment for a value of more than 165,000 euros, and that they have been accepted, among other increases, “in LGTBI items, working women and courses for women. While the program against gender violence, coeducation, equality plan, Social services (social aid), tablets for schools and the letter of educating cities, it is also proposed that it be done with a remainder in case of need, as in local consumer bonds. They have also included its amendments on the libraries, Arcadi Blasco museum and the soundproofing of the pavilion, as well as the construction of public housing on lots owned by the City Council.

From Compromís they highlighted that “for the first year a large part of the opposition amendments have been included in the budgets. In our case, we presented amendments worth € 822,983.71, of which 67% of that value has been accepted. The amendments were focused on improving the lives of citizens after the critical situation we have experienced, since people are above all ”.


For its part, Vox pointed out that the budget “is neither realistic nor adequate, since it does not include the needs of our neighbors” and predicted that this will be the last term of Cañadas, that PP and Cs have been “sold to the parties that agree with filoetarras and with those who want to break Spain “and he increased the acceptance of amendments from the left” with a high ideological component.

Canadas responded by pointing out that this will be his last term that “my political future will not depend on you,” underlining that “it is bad company.”

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