Wednesday, December 8

Mutxamel does not renounce its embassies

The municipal park El Canyar de les Portelles It will be on Saturday, September 11, from 8:30 p.m., the stage in which, under reservation of free admission, you can attend the representation of the three embassies of the festive trilogy. First, the Smuggling Embassy, ​​in which this troupe gives its support to the Christian side to defend Mutxamel from the Muslim attack. Then the Moorish Embassy will arrive with which Mutxamel will fall into the hands of the half moon. And then the reconquest with the Christian Embassy. They will not have an arquebus or the presence of captaincies, since there are no festive charges, but there is a castle. And it will be the usual ambassadors who carry out the representations, with the presence of the Festival Committee and leaders of the troupes.

The party councilor, Rafael Pastor (PP), explained that “these are our great days and the population deserves it. The representation of the embassies will have all the anticovid measures, with a mandatory mask, limitation and control of capacity, etc. Admission will be free and the first 450 tickets have already been sold out. We could reach up to 900 people with a capacity allowed by covid regulations, but out of prudence we are not going to reach that figure. On Friday we will make another 150 or 200 tickets available to the public ”, on the website or at the Casa de Cultura.

Pastor advanced that the embassies, despite not having shooters and gunpowder, will have their party castle, to be set up in the park, and fireworks at the end. And he insisted that the Consistory has wanted to organize a series of controlled events to remember the holidays and that the rules are met.

The event will be held on September 11 and will have a festive castle, but not an arquebus or captains


In the same way, regarding the permissiveness of the Generalitat festivities ended on September 6, and therefore Mutxamel is left out of that flexibility, Pastor regretted that the Generalitat is going “leapfrogged” and demanded stable standards regardless of the incidence of infections, although he recognized the difficulty that the current situation entails.

On the other hand, from the Festival Committee they stated that they have made themselves available to the City Council to collaborate in everything that is necessary. It must be remembered that for the second year in a row the festivities have renounced the municipal subsidy for the organization of the Moors and Christians by the covid, but the mayor pointed out that the Consistory has the collaboration of the ambassadors and the support of the Commission.

In addition, in the evening the prizes for the festival poster contest will be awarded, and it will end at around 9:30 pm with a fireworks display.

The Department of Festivities has opted to carry out a series of commemorative events appropriate to the current circumstances. So Mutxamel will keep the flame of the festivities alive, even though they are not celebrated this year and there is no Entrance, no barracks, no parades or proclamation …

Next Tuesday, September 7 at 8:00 p.m., the photographic route “La festa en imatges” will be inaugurated in Valencia Avenue, an open-air exhibition that will tour the entire urban area with the different acts of the Festivities. The day will end at midnight with the Alborada in Plaça Nova in honor of the Mare de Déu de Loreto.

On Thursday 9, on the Festivity of the patron saint of Mutxamel, the High Mass will be celebrated at 12.00 and the next at 20.00. The program for this day will end with the fireworks display that will take place in Plaça Nova at 9.30pm.

Videomapping 3D

On Friday, September 10, you will be able to enjoy the «Videomapping 3D», a visual and sound show in honor of the Moors and Christians festivities, with three different passes to guarantee compliance with the anticovid measures: 23.00, 11:15 pm and 11:30 pm. On Saturday September 11 at 8:30 p.m. will be the representation of the embassies and finally, Sunday, September 12, the mascletà will take place at 1.30 pm on avenida de España, with which the events will end.

In addition, the Department of Tourism promotes “Sabor de festa”, an action together with part of the local hospitality industry to promote the special dishes and drinks of these dates.

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