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“My boyfriend’s family interviewed me to see if I’m good enough for him”

Knowing the family of the couple always supposes a bit of stress, as it is the moment to know the origin of the partner and the doubts remain about the image that we will give in that first meeting. But the woman in this story had a rather unique first encounter with her boyfriend’s family, as she felt as if they were interviewing her to see if she is good enough for him.

Through the popular Reddit forum, the girl recounted her first experience with her in-laws, which, by the way, enjoy a good economic position. “First, his brother, who is in a similar field of work, began to question me about my work as if it were an interview. I ended up joking that I don’t talk business unless I get paid for it, ”wrote the girl identified as“ lovemycar66 ”. “He asked me a bit rudely if I had just entered that field to meet a rich man (my boyfriend and his family are rich), so I told him I was in this to outdo rich men, ”the girl wrote.

I felt like they were asking me questions and preparing to be judged.”, He recounted. Then she had a conversation with the mother who questioned her about her skills for housework, to which she replied that her boyfriend was a better cook than she. After a while, the girl obviously decided to leave the family reunion early, a decision that was questioned by her partner.

“I told him I felt like I was being interviewed for a ‘good wife’ job instead of just getting to know each other socially. And I feel like that’s not something I enjoy, ”he said. He explained that all the women who joined the family “had been ‘questioned’ a bit,” but that his family deserved a second chance.

When she told him that she did not want to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with her in-laws, her boyfriend argued that she was not being reasonable. “I feel like he is being insensitive and pushes me to go to a place where I am not respected”The girl wrote.

Reddit users posted their own opinions on the forum: “I would consider giving the family a second chance if the partner is serious, being able to socialize with them would make life much easier. DO NOT go to Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s a terrible idea. Your family will probably be more ingrained in your ‘customs’ and you will feel possessive, ”one advised.

Their ‘ways’ are stupid, old-fashioned, rude and misogynistic. If the boyfriend doesn’t back you up, you need to find a better man and a better family. Why socialize with idiots? ”Asked another. “Your boyfriend has made it clear that he approves of the behavior and agrees with him (…). You need to believe him when he shows you who he is, ”said a third.

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