Thursday, October 28

“My daughter is the first of four generations of prostitutes to go to college and pride does not fit in my chest”

  • Norberto Paredes @norbertparedes
  • BBC World News


Karina Núñez with her university daughter, Valeska.

“As a child I always dreamed of being a teacher, but I ended up as a prostitute like my mother, my grandmother and my great-grandmother.”

Karina Núñez is the fourth generation of a family of Uruguayan sex workers and remembers her childhood as a time full of hardships.

“It happened during the civic-military dictatorship in Uruguay and the man who took my mother from her pimp, decided to raise me as his own daughter,” he says in an interview with BBC Mundo.

“Then he became a political prisoner and our life changed completely: my mother had to go back to sex work.”

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