Monday, June 5

My experience at 4 taco shops in 24 hours

  • USA TODAY reporter Bailey Schulz spent a day exploring San Diego restaurants.
  • San Diego is known for its tacos, thanks to its proximity to the Mexican border and Pacific Ocean.
  • While there are lots of great tacos, locals say visitors shouldn’t sleep on other food offerings.

Ask nearly any local what kind of food San Diego is best known for, and the universal answer is tacos.

The city’s location, less than 20 miles from the Mexican border and flanking the Pacific, makes it the perfect spot for fish tacos (or just about any type of taco, if you ask around).

“We are Mexico North,” said Troy Johnson, publisher and chief content officer of san diego magazine. “Our chefs use a lot of Baja tricks and tips and secrets that really get exported 20 minutes up from the border.”

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Combine that with the city’s ability to bring in fresh seafood from the Pacific and you’ve got “ground zero” for fish tacos, according to Martin Lindsay, board chair of the Culinary Historians of San Diegoa nonprofit that hosts free public meetings on food history.

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